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Mexican parents force 12 year old daughter to have sex with stranger for new house and van

Lorena Isela Cortinas
What possessed the parents of a 12 year old to sell their daughter?

Ricardo Navarro Allende and Lorena Isela Cortinas a Mexican couple have been arrested after accusations that they forced their 12 year old daughter to have sex with a stranger whilst filming the rapes.

According to local reports the girl’s parents sold their daughter as part of a child pornography ring in a bid to raise funds.

In their defense, the parents said they had been offered a new house and a van.

The couple’s arrest came after the girl’s grandmother notified police.

The grandmother said that her granddaughter was being filmed having carnal relations with a man in town with money after a series of secret meetings had been organized by the child’s parents at a hotel over the past few months.

According to a police report, from October 2014 to March 2015, the victim was brought by her parents to Ursula hotel, located on Avenida Francisco Villa, in the downtown area.

Police say the mother usually recorded her daughter on video having sex with the man as well as occasionally taking pictures of the girl naked.

Questioned by police the mother of the child said the 42 year old man never kept his word, since the house and the promised truck was never delivered to her and her husband.

The alleged incident happened in Ciudad Juarez, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.

The couple are now being held in custody after the Special Prosecutor for Attention to Women Victims of Crime accused the couple of forcing their daughter to have sex.

Offered a spokesman for the Mexican police said: ‘We are investigating whether the family was part of a gang or a network trafficking in child pornography.’

Lorena Isela Cortinas

Ricardo Navarro Allende

Lorena Isela Cortinas

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