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Limo boss fires employee by text cause she refused sex

Geralyn Ganci
Did Geralyn Ganci receive an equitable payout?

Raymond Townsend a married limousine manager and his employer,  US Limousine on Long Island, NY have been mandated to pay out over $700 000 to former female dispatcher, Geralyn Ganci after filing a sexual harassment suit against her employer who fired her because she refused to have sex with him.

The then 26 year old woman’s dismissal came after a year long campaign by her boss after she joined the outlet in 2009, where he texted her a year later to tell her she was being fired for refusing to sexually engage him.

In her suit the woman claims she had been subjected to lurid requests leading up to her dismissal, including one text which demanded that the woman ‘had to pull over to the side of the road and masturbate thinking about me.’

Other messages reports the nypost included demands that Ganci come to her bosses house whilst his wife was away, including texted images of Townsend’s ‘lap.’

Incredulously the texts would be sent out despite Townsend’s wife working alongside side him at the office and whom Ganci met when she attended her bosses wedding.

Geralyn Ganci
Geralyn Ganci and her former boss Raymond Townsend.

An initiating sexual harassment complaint against Townsend came to be filed in 2010, with Ganci claiming that her boss would call her ‘at all hours of the day and night, during the work day and after the work day to convey disgusting, sexually suggestive, erotic and vile messages of a sexual nature’.

Ganci’s eventual dismissal came after Townsend allegedly forced the dispatcher into a bathroom and put his hand up her shirt in 2009 on a day when his wife was not at work.

Ganci’s complaint said that Townsend then offered to fire someone in the limousine company’s ‘wedding department’ to bring her back in a different position. 

The suit also claimed her former bosses behavior caused her emotional distress which led her to being hospitalized, even telling of one instance where Townsend called asking about her breasts.

Townsend and US Limousine would be found liable for sexual harassment by a federal court in 2010 but it wouldn’t be until now a NY court would finish finalizing a financial disbursement, including$550,000 in damages and legal fees of $170,000. Far shorter than the $5 million Ganci had sought.

The payout comes after a jury found Townsend liable for creating a sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment, but not intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

Geralyn Ganci