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Pictures: Brittani Bader, NY model hit in the head with wine glass at Provocateur

Brittani Bader
Brittany Bader is also a preferred hawt bixch: ‘If only the world could realize how beautiful I am.’

Brittani Bader a NYC based model has had a wine glass thrown at her head pursuant to an altercation at posh Manhattan nightclub, Provocateur.

The 22 year old model was partying at the down town venue, an exclusive boîte at the Gansevoort Hotel, in the meatpacking district when things got out of hand after she bumped into another woman. Define bumped?

According to a report via the nypost, Bader butted heads with Kathleen Ward, 23 circa 2.50 am.

For whatever reason, Ward is said to have allegedly grabbed a wine glass and thrown it at Brittany Bader, hitting her on the left side of the head.

Incensed the model told management, ‘I had a glass thrown at me!’

From there cops arrived where Ward was charged with a felony assault, using a weapon with intent to cause physical injury.

Nevertheless the model would come Tuesday be posting new images on her social media feed, where signs of damages to her person were not noted. The model would further announce she was at a photo shoot.

Writes Bader on model mayhem profile: ‘To me modeling isn’t just a pretty face! It’s about personality, the love for fashion and just to be apart of it all!’

‘My goal is to make it of course whether it be with modeling or just finding whatever makes me happy!’ 

And of course to get by her haters….

Brittany Bader
Brittany Bader
Brittany Bader
hawt bixch

Brittany BaderBrittani Bader Brittani BaderBrittani BaderBrittani BaderBrittani BaderBrittani Bader

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