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Matt Assante- the man of the moment. At the Gansevoort…

Photography by Sameeh Alderazi. Scallywag to the left, Matt Assante to the right.

Before you even arrive on the penthouse floor you know just by looking around you something diabolical and wonderful is going to happen. Standing there with an array of starlets, high heeled fashion models and the German rap singer (we kid you not…) in the elevator you already sense that this evening you are going to be catapulted to an era in your past life that you thought you could never reclaim. It’s when the elevator doors finally open, and the bubble gun machine starts firing at you that you realize you have just entered the fantastic world of Matt Assante

Before you can even take in the panoramic sky line views (as if you were in an enchanted greenhouse) your eyes are ferociously zooming in and out as they take in the scene of two hot girls making out, five people standing next to them without a care in the world viciously punching God’s skyline, the seven people next to them dancing and showing off the most perfect jawlines and the crazy guy running at you with a bubble gun machine.


You turn, kiss Matt Assante on the cheeks and before you realize it he’s introducing you to his friends, his heroes, his family and the next round of margaritas and the next…

The bottles start flying, the smiles without trying, and ‘Johan K’ the savage saxophone player egging you onto insanity as the music wraps inside and outside your soul. You stop for a moment to look all around you, the botanical feeling, the harmonious movement of flailing limbs and cheekbones and you wonder how has it become possible on a Sunday night in the beginning of another NY tumultuous summer to have arrived at something approaching carnival jubilation? You wonder but all you get is another bubble gun spurt in your face…

You saunter round to the left, casually lock eyes with Hollywood star Luke Wilson, Lance Bass of boy glamour band N-Sync, never mind the weekend before it was Leonardo DiCaprio and William Dafoe, glam hunk Victoria Hilton, nightclub impresario Sally Shan (who confides that the rumors are true and that she’ll be hosting her own nights at the Gansevoort soon with guest Dj- Claudius Raphael) and then back to your right where a light breeze on the other side of the wrap around terrace finds you talking to Austrian goddesses and the media investor who’s on his fifth bottle of whatever it’s going to take him to seduce the Swede next to him.


We come back to the front, have ‘JB’ (John Behling of ‘Pink Elephant’ fame) treat us to the next round of whatever it we long ago started drinking, get between the Parisian mother holidaying from St Tropez, Matt, his rambunctious and loveable partner Dustin Terry and start dancing to the next song that’s got us all moving faster and closer to heaven.

Matt he’s so happy, he’s been up for how many hours to make sure that this very moment works, that this very feeling in your veins is what you’ve been suddenly been craving all day long.

The song is starting to wind up, wind up, and it’s beginning and ending all at the same time, the tears, those tears again, those hugs, the laughter, the light breeze and you in the middle of it.

You in the middle of it and Matt Assante- the man of the moment behind it and in front of it at the same time…

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