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Mitchelle Blair confesses to murdering kids: ‘They molested relative’

Mitchelle Blair murder
Screen shot of freezer purportedly used by mother.

Mitchelle Blair a Detroit mother has confessed to killing two of her four children and stuffing their bodies in a freezer because she claims they were molesting a young relative.

The woman’s confession would lead to the woman being arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree child abuse, a 15-year felony; and one count of committing child abuse first-degree in the presence of another child, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

The woman said she took the lives of her 11 year old son and 14 year old daughter tells a report via the Detroit News because she was distraught at the purported sexual abuse.

She would kill her son, 9-year-old Stephen Berry first before eventually then taking her 13 year old daughter’s life, Stoni Blair a year later.

Mitchelle Blair, Detroit freezer mom sentenced to life: ‘My kids deserved to die’

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Mitchelle Blair confesses to murdering kids: ‘They molested relative’

Why did Mitchelle Blair, mother keep bodies of two children inside freezer?

Mayhem would be set about yesterday after local bailiffs came to the woman’s low income subsidy home at Martin Luther King apartments to evict her only to find that the woman and her two remaining children were now staying at another individual’s home at the complex.

As bailiffs set about removing the evicted woman’s possessions it would be there that they discovered the children’s bodies wrapped in a black plastic bag in the freezer. Forensics would determine that the bodies had been in the freezer greater than a year and possibly more than two years.

Paradoxically the woman’s Facebook account describes herself as a proud and loyal mom, would come with one recent posting, telling: ’There is no greater blessing than being a MOM.’

Mitchelle Blair murder

According to the Detroit News, the woman had been living with the children’s dead bodies subsequent to the murder for over a year with her two surviving children, ages 11 and 17, purportedly aware of what their mother had done.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig in an attempt to answer reporters questions in a developing homicide case would offer the following: ‘While the desire to know what happened in that home is strong, I will ask you to be mindful of the two children who were in that home and are still alive,’

‘They’ve been through a lot as you can imagine. It’s been a tremendous trauma. I don’t think there’s anyone in this room who would want to cause any additional pain to these children.’

Autopsies were scheduled for Thursday to determine the causes of death of the children. It has not been revealed if the children were dismembered pursuant to their murder.

Mitchelle Blair murder
Residence complex in which Mitchelle Blair lived at




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