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Islam Sharif: Egyptian teacher beats 12 year old pupil to death for not doing his homework

Islam Sharif
Why was one 12 year old pupil beaten to death by a school teacher? Stock file image.

An Egyptian school teacher has been suspended after beating to death 12 year old pupil for failing to do his assignment.

The death comes in an arena where corporal punishment is common in Egyptian schools, with official negligence being blamed for the deaths of two children in accidents late last year because of badly maintained equipments.

According to an announcement via Egypt’s education ministry, the 12 year old student died on Sunday, a day after being beaten by a teacher. The statement would tell that the teacher was suspended until an ‘urgent inquiry’ determining the circumstances behind the boy’s death was launched.

Local media reports that the boy incurred head injuries and suffered a brain haemorrhage, forensics department chief Hisham Abdel Hamid told after the teacher hit him over the head with a cane at Martyrs of Port Said school.

State-run newspaper Al-Ahram Al-Masa’i reported that the teacher had ‘no intention to kill him but the beating was part of discipline.’

The latest casualty comes as the number of child abuse cases in Egypt has reached alarming proportions.

Between January 2014 and the end of October, the UK’s dailymail notes attacks on children increased by 55 per cent compared with the average over the previous three years according to the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood.

The report told that 50 per cent of the cases of violence against children were registered in schools.

In September, the director of a Cairo orphanage was sentenced to three years in jail for assaulting minors.

Video footage posted on the Internet showed the man beating children who were running away screaming.

Islam Sharif
Islam Sharif, murdered school boy.

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