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Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Escort While Traveling to London

Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Escort While Traveling to London
So how does one go about choosing an escort whilst abroad in the UK? A primer….

The escort industry in the U.K. has grown about 3.5 percent over the last few years. There an estimated 80,000 escorts in the United Kingdom and unsurprisingly many work in London. There are a lot of sexy escorts in London that rely on business from tourists, so they will certainly make you feel welcome during your trip.

However, you will need to understand the laws, etiquette, and safety practices before trying to hook up with an escort.

How do you go about hiring an escort? Here are some general principles any lad looking for an escort should be aware of.

Don’t Be Uncouth if You Want Sex

You are probably hiring an escort because you want to get laid (yes, we’re calling you out). They know what you really want when you say that you want “a date for a business meeting” or “someone to keep them company sightseeing.”

Fine, but don’t be unpleasant about it. There are classy ways to pull that off. Escorts are professionals and expect to be treated with a degree of respect, as they should.

London escorts have little patience for arrogant tourists that want to treat them poorly. Keep in mind that you aren’t explicitly paying for sex, so an escort doesn’t legally have to provide that. If they really wanted, they could roll their eyes at all your jokes the entire evening and send you on your way at the end of the night. Try to be classy and you should get a lot further.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Escort While Traveling to London
Out on the town, expect a companionship but don’t be presumptuous either…

What Are Escort Laws in the U.K.?

Many residents and tourists mistakenly believe that escort services in the United Kingdom are illegal. In actuality, both escort services and prostitution are technically legal, but certain forms are not. You will need to be aware of the nuances in the law before choosing a service, because some of them are not abiding by the laws.

Organized prostitution via brothels or pimps is illegal. However, the service isn’t illegal if the escort doesn’t have sex with the clients. You are also generally safe if you work with a service like this even if you do get lucky, since the women are considered freelancers and not part of any brothel, nor employed by force.

Lawyers, police, and local politicians all have their own definition of what constitutes a brothel. The laws distinguishing between legitimate and legalized prostitution aren’t clear. Most police officers won’t care if it seems that you went through the proper channels, but it is still a good idea not to make a big scene about it unless you want to keep your relationship entirely platonic.

Vetting Scams

With any business, you will need to know what you are getting. It is even more important to do your research before choosing an escort service, because there are a number of unscrupulous companies out there. They are especially likely to take advantage of tourists, because they know most of them don’t understand the procedures.

Some of them may even use fake pictures of a sexy 20-something year old woman to convince punting clients to send an advance. One of the most infamous cases involved Mark Bell and Colin Samuels, two scammers that defrauded clients out of £160,000 with a website providing fake escort services. Sensible clients would have seen the red flags, but the victims clearly weren’t thinking with the right part of their body when they sent their money. You will need to do your due diligence to avoid these types of scams. Here are some things to do to make sure that you choose a legitimate service:

  • Do not use a service that requires you to pay online. Legitimate escorts will only accept cash.
  • Look at the domain age of the website. You can use tools like Who.Is and Archive.org to find out when the site was registered. Sites that have been around for at least a couple years are more likely to be legitimate.
  • Check reviews on different sites to see what experiences others have had. If nobody has reported the service as a scam, then it is probably legit.
  • Make sure that the escort site carefully screens workers. While an escort site may be a legitimate business, it often coordinates transactions between freelance escorts and clients, which means some of the workers may be scammers. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to worry if you use a service that carefully screens escorts to weed out any that are known to be unscrupulous.

While some people have been scammed by escorts before, the majority of escorts are perfectly honest people that just want to do their job.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Escort While Traveling to London
Who knows who you may end up meeting during your dalliances whilst in London…?


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