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Pictures: Seth Rollins, WWE star booed by twitter after small penis photos emerge

Seth Rollins
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A grudge match between World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Raw star Seth Rollins and his former fiance, wrestler and model, Leighla Schultz has spilled into the public terrain after compromising images of the the wrestling star and fellow up and upcoming female wrestler/model Zahra Schreiber with whom Rollins purportedly had an affair with suddenly appeared on social media.

Images of Rollins and his penis (which has since become a trending topic on twitter, more on that below) would come to the fore presumably at the hands of Rollins fiance hell bent on revenge after learning of a purported affair her wrestler fiance was having.

The images are thought to have landed as a result of Schultz purportedly hacking (suggestions she has not denied) the wrestler’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts presumably because Rollins had at some point given his passwords to his fiance.

Seth Rollins
Leighla Schultz (l) and Zahra Schreiber (r).

The resulting leaked images would lead to commentators taking the wrestler to task for his lack of manliness (size it seems does matter very much…) with many questioning the wrestler’s less than spectacular size. Indeed.

It wasn’t too long before Seth Rollins quickly had the images removed from his social media feeds (how they got there the wrestler has explicitly declined to tell) before issuing an apology: I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent.’

Despite the wrestler’s apology, questions remain how or why racy pictures of Zahra Schreiber (never mind racy images of Rollins) made it on the engaged wrestler’s account and if the wrestler’s fiance was necessarily responsible or simply partaking in an orchestrated public relations coup d’etat …?

Seth Rollins
Oh really ….?
Seth Rollins
Zahra Schreiber
Seth Rollins
Leighla Schultz
Zahra Schreiber
Zahra Schreiber
 Zahra Schreiber
Zahra Schreiber

Zahra SchreiberZahra SchreiberZahra SchreiberZahra SchreiberSeth RollinsSeth Rollinsn7Seth Rollins

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