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Kendra Sunderland court appearance: ‘I think it’s normal to be crazy.’

Kendra Sunderland court
Will Kendra Sunderland manage to beat charges against her?

Former Oregon State University student, Kendra Sunderland has caused tongues to wag after appearing in court this afternoon to face indecency charges where she ostensibly told that she believed it was ‘normal for college students to do crazy things.’

The 19 year old’s appearance came after a voyeuristic escapade (see video below) at the university library where she filmed herself pleasuring herself whilst unsuspecting students could be seen passing by.

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Appearing in court where she was formally charged with one count of public indecency the woman’s lawyer entered a not guilty on her behalf.

If convicted the ‘Library Girl’ faces the prospect of one year jail.

Told Kendra Sunderland: It’s very overwhelming. It’s not something I’ve had to deal with or thought would ever happen to me, but I just make the best of it and not try to hide in my room and cry about it.’

Kendra Sunderland court

In her defense the aspiring model told she didn’t know she was being recorded and thought it was a private online show that she described as being ‘strictly business.’

Added the model: ‘I think it’s normal for a college campus, you know. College kids do crazy things, they party, they do fun things and experiment and it’s not really a big deal. I think it’s more shocking to other people not on campus than it is for people on campus.’

Asked if she had any remorse, Sunderland told: ‘I don’t object to it. I definitely have some remorse and regret for it. I just have to make the best of it. I have to look at the positives and the negatives are clear.’

Sunderland’s next court date is set for April 28, but her attorney, Mike Flinn said he’s hoping to have all of this resolved before that time.

In the interim the model who now has her own ‘business website’ and who is fielding offers was seen flocked by attendees who sought the aspiring model’s autograph. Indeed…

Kendra Sunderland court

Kendra Sunderland court

Kendra Sunderland court

Kendra Sunderland court

Kendra Sunderland court

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