Home Scandal and Gossip ISIS throw off another gay man from top of building. Crowds cheer.

ISIS throw off another gay man from top of building. Crowds cheer.

ISIS throw gay man from top of building
ISIS cause outcry with the release of their latest assault, this time the barbaric killing of a man believed to be homosexual.

Militant Islamic group ISIS has once again come under fire with reports that followers have this week thrown off another gay man from the top of a building before jeering crowds pelted the man’s body on the ground with rocks.

The incident which would be photographed and then widely shared on social media by the group shows the man being blindfolded along with having his feet bound before then abruptly being pushed off a tall building in strong hold Raqqa in front of a baying crowd.

It is believed the man was sentenced to death by a sharia court.

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The man was described as being a ‘child of Lot’ and accused of committing acts of sodomy, according to the UK’s dailymail

‘Lot‘ is a reference to a prophet of God whose story in the Qu’ran is used to demonstrate Islam’s supposed disapproval of rape and homosexuality.

It is not the first time an allegedly homosexual man has been murdered in this manner by the Islamic State.

Earlier this month, images were released of a man blindfolded and tied to a chair before being thrown from a building for being ‘gay’.

ISIS throw gay man from top of building

ISIS throw gay man from top of building

A crow of onlookers – including children – then gathered around the broken body to hurl rocks.

It was the fourth time in a few weeks that the jihadist group has used the brutal execution method for alleged homosexuality .

After claiming they found videos on his mobile phone showing him ‘practicing indecent acts with males,’ a 20-year old man was stoned to death in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor in late November, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The latest images and act of atrocity have once again provoked widespread discussion of why ISIS continue to share the images, the West’s reluctance to intercede and the media’s responsibility/obligation in choosing to share those images or report the group’s ways.

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ISIS throw gay man from top of building

ISIS throw gay man from top of building

ISIS throw gay man from top of building


  1. ISIS is changing their tactics. They discovered that the killing of dozens of Christians got no attention from the west. Maybe the killing of one homosexual will get the media’s attention.

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