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Veronica Vain, ex Wall st intern, Paige A. Jennings lands six figure ’Screwing Wall st ‘ porn deal

Veronica Vain: ‘Greed is good.’

Veronica Vain, ex Wall st intern, Paige A. Jennings has landed a six figure for an upcoming ’Screwing Wall st ‘ porn deal. The coup d’etat comes less than two weeks when the intern bid farewell to her gig at Lazard Asset Management after nude selfie pics Vain took in the company bathroom (indeed) went viral.

Pictures: Paige Jennings, Wall st intern leaves to become porn star.

The porno reports pagesix is set to start filming in LA on Sunday, is being made in partnership with sugar-daddy matchmaking site arrangementfinders.com, and will parody the 1987 classic ‘Wall Street’ starring Michael Douglas.

Told arrangementfinders president, Kayden Kross: ‘We don’t have to mess with the story that much to turn it into a porno,’

‘If you extended a lot of the scenes in the movie, they would naturally lead into hard-core sex.’

Or, as Vain sees it, Oliver Stone’s ‘Wall Street’ is “basically already written as a porno without sex ... Like, ‘If you’re not inside, you’re outside.’

Who would’ve thought kids? Oliver Stone probably had that in mind all along, it just took the good people over arrangementfinders and co to see through Olive’s ambitious project…

Veronica Vain

The role will feature our collective heroine playing the role once played by Charlie Sheen, the ambitious hustler (with a moral center of course)

except producers will have Vain sleeping her way ‘from bedroom to boardroom,’ explains Kross. Naturally. Isn’t that the only way to get ahead?

Reiterates Kross who knows all too likely understands the Wall st mindset:  ‘She’s the broker who is basically trying to become a player,’

‘She does what she needs to do to get to the top.’

Sounds like capitalism to me.

The flick will have our collective heroine starring opposite French porn star Manuel Ferrara, 39, who’s also Kross’ fiancé.

Told Veronica Vain leading into the commencement of filming: ‘On Sunday, I’m having my first porn scene — and I’m very pent up,’

‘I’ve been celibate out here for too long. Meaning a week, which for me is like a year.’

Slight pause. Oh well. Words are merely sounds that represent ideas. Ideas that we may or may not agree with or understand…

The scene, tells the budding actress is the pivotal first meeting where Gordon Gekko, played by Ferrara, and protégé Bud Fox, played by Vain, first meet.

The homage to the 1987 film, which coined the phrase “greed is good,” will be available later this year on DVD and Arrangement Finders’ site.

Yes kids ‘porn is good.’

Veronica Vain
One of the incriminating shots which made the rounds at the office…

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

Veronica Vain

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