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Pictures: Diana Korbelova, Czech soap star exposed as a prostitute in secret double life

Diana Korbelova
What tempted Diana Korbelova to lead her secret double life?

Diana Korbelova a teenage Czech soap star has been exposed to be living a secret double life as a prostitute. The revelation would lead to the 18 year old, known to millions of viewers being sacked from the show which she starred in, ‘The Street.’

A report would tell how when Diana Korbelova wasn’t filming she took on the secret identity of Ester where she worked as a prostitute in the upmarket district of Vinohrady in Prague.

Based in a rented apartment, the soap star charged $44 for half an hour $88 for a full hour.

That said Korbelova would come to be exposed when punters started bragging about meeting her on social media.

Told one 54 year old client: ‘She told me she had worked there for over two months and she liked sex.

‘She said she got more customers than the girls who had worked there much longer than she had, and that they were all jealous of her.

‘She’d gone from The Street to a brothel and loved it.’

Another punter told local media that he had had sex with her on September 1 and would do so again.

Boasted the soap star: ‘Sex amuse me!’ 

 ‘I have customers faster than a girl who makes the longest.’

Now TV bosses have said her TV career is over.

Spokeswoman at TV Nova, the company behind the soap opera, Anna Sucha said: ‘We didn’t have any problems with Diana Korbelova during filming, but that was before we found out about this.

‘She will not be asked to return and we do not plan to co operate with her again.

‘As far as we are concerned her career is over.’

Korbelova was unavailable for comment.

Diana Korbelova

Diana Korbelova

Diana Korbelova
Diana Korbelova appearing on ‘The Street.’

Diana Korbelova

Diana Korbelova

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  • Turkcu Turanci

    what an idiot, was it worth risking your career as an actress for 88 bucks an hour? Stupid choice or just greedy for more money