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Shanesha Taylor too broke to put $60 000 into a child’s trust fund after receiving $114K donations.

Shanesha Taylor broke
Shanesha Taylor, cry me a river…

It might well turn out that Shanesha Taylor is in the mess that she’s in not because she’s necessarily a single mother contending with trying to raise two infants without a fixed home, a job or a partner but because she’s simply irresponsible. See what you think…

Shanesha Taylor, mom who left children in car was not homeless or jobless

Homeless single mom arrested for leaving babies in car whilst attending job interview.

Shanesha Taylor first came to our collective heart strings earlier this year when the Scottsdale, Arizona mother came to be arrested on March 20th after leaving her two sons, 2 years old and six months old in a car for 45 minutes all alone while attending a job interview.

At the time a passerby heard the sounds of a baby crying hysterically before calling emergency services which led to a report which told that the vehicle’s windows were rolled down an inch whilst the car’s air conditioner was turned off in the 100 fahrenheit degree plus automobile.

Arrested and booked on child abuse charges the mother then proceeded to explain to our collective television sets that she had no choice, no home to leave the children at, no government service to turn to in which her children could be looked after whilst she sought a job nor any other guardian figure she could turn to.

This in turn led to a nation wide argument over the merits of living in a nation where one is left to one’s devices on the precipice of a cliff as was described Shanesha Taylor’s situation which led to the woman having a youcaring page set up in her name by sympathizers for the purpose of giving her a second chance in life. A second chance which would lead to a staggering $114K by well meaning individuals who understood that the system is tainted and that sometimes all one needs is another chance.

Except one wonders if Shanesa Taylors really deserves another chance or is simply the cause of her own misery and not the system her and her supporters have decried.

As part of a deal in regaining access to her children and avoid felony child abuse charges a court order mandated that the mother put a sum of $60K away in a trust fund, $30K for for the children’s future college education and $30K for the costs of childcare. A condition which the mother failed to do so by Monday’s deadline.

In her defense the mother told she still hadn’t found a job to support herself and her kids and was concerned that she still needed the money to live off. Instead the mother proposed only having to put away $35K, leaving her in essence $79K to live off and re-situate herself off as opposed to the $54K she never had access to in the first place.

But here’s where the true test of integrity and will to move on in life came and where many on the web have come to unanimously believe Shanesha Taylor came to fail.

It came when the judge asked if the mother would be willing to show the state her bank records so authorities could determine if Shanesha Taylor had made any big recent purchases (what do you think kids???) before renegotiating the agreement.

And what dis Shanesa Taylor respond?

The mother simply told that was out of the question since the money was now conveniently in her mother’s bank account and her mother felt uncomfortable disclosing to the state her assets. Indeed.

What do you think kids? Is it time Shanesa Taylor got a grip of her situation, bit on the chew, rolled up her sleeves, put away the champagne, the self pity and tended to the more than meager money that God sent her which is more than many other single mothers in her position this very moment could ever hope for and get her life back on the roll? Her children will one day thank her for it if she simply finds the courage and stops pulling out all the emotional games and excuses that are designed to dig into our pockets even further….

A follow up schedule meeting between Shanesha Taylor and the court has been set up for tomorrow where the mother potentially could have felony charges brought against her once again.


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