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Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co banker forced wife into coke and sex with top prospective clients

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co
Who’s telling the truth? Image via nydailynews

The investment world has been rocked with allegations that Christine Kelly, 39 the estranged wife of Sage Kelly, 42 a top investment banker at Jefferies & Co forced her into having sex with top prospective clients in the hopes of landing substantial business.

The allegations reports DealBreaker come as a result of a bitter divorce in which the former Ralph Lauren event planner and graduate of Manhattan’s tony Horace Mann School was ‘pestered to engage in threesomes’ for the sake of securing business deals.

The woman also tells in court papers that her $7 a million year head of healthcare investment banking husband is a habitual cocaine user who was regularly unfaithful and abusive to his children.

But it gets better.

In her divorce suit the woman also goes on to reveal the identities of a string of high level bankers and businessmen who  Christine Kelly alleges her husband took the good shit with on a regular basis.

In one instance the wife describes how she felt pressured by her husband into having sex with Aegerion Pharmaceuticals boss Marc Beer whom he was hoping to land as a client during an evening at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Boston in 2012.

Describing the event in a sworn 26 page affidavit she said:

‘The evening started at a bar in the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Everyone in the group drank alcohol and did lines of cocaine (except for Marc’s adult sons who had just joined us for awhile).

‘Afterwards, the six of us retired to Bjorn’s apartment, where everyone continued to snort cocaine and drink alcohol. At one point, Marc’s girlfriend, while dancing wildly, removed her top to should [sic] everyone her breast implants.

‘Marc sat next to me on the couch and told me that I was beautiful. With Sage looking on with approval if not titillation, Marc started to touch me. 

‘Marc then invited everyone to go back to Sage’s and my room at the Ritz Carlton. Once there everyone did more “lines” of cocaine.

‘There was one room, with two beds. 

‘Soon, Sage and I were having sex with each other on one bed, and Marc and his girlfriend were having sex on the other bed. Then Marc said, “Let’s switch.” I did not know what to do.

‘Marc suggested that his girlfriend and I have sex with each other. I was not happy about that, and I looked to Sage for guidance.

‘Sage was so “wasted” that he could not give me a sign as to what he wanted me to do. Mindful of his goal of securing business from Marc, I felt responsible not to disappoint Marc.

‘So, his girlfriend and I had sexual contact for a few minutes, while Marc and Sage watched.

‘Then, Marc’s girlfriend joined Sage on our bed, and Sage and she started to have sexual relations.

‘Then, I joined Marc on his bed, and he and I engaged in sexual relations.

‘The next morning, Sage expressed anger at me, testily saying: “I can’t believe you did that [have sex with Marc].”

‘I do not know, definitively, Sage’s purpose in setting up what transpired. 

‘I do know one thing, however. Following that evening, Marc Beer has been an important client of Sage and, presumably, a substantial reason for Sage’s enormously successful career at his current investment bank, Jeffries and and Company, Inc.’ 

Marc Beer has said told the allegations were ‘completely untrue’ and has denied using cocaine or any other illegal substance.

Interestingly Aegerion Pharmaceuticals has declined to comment on the matter or whether the biotech will continue to work with Jefferies & Co.

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co
Court papers claim that Marc Beer (left) did cocaine and had sex with Mrs Kelly after spending time at the apartment of Bjorn Koch (right), claims that Beer denies.

The wife’s suit also tells how during the course of their 12 year marriage her husband engaged in a bevy of sexual liaisons with women including the wife of a co-worker who he had sex with in the swimming pool of their vacation home in Sag Harbor.

According to the suit Sage Kelly won temporary custody of their two children – daughters aged 10 and 6, after secretly filming her drinking and snorting cocaine. A habit the woman insists she only picked up after ‘being forced to by her husband.’ She would also add that he would refuse to have sex with her unless they were taking the drug.

So rampant was her husband’s drug use the woman tells of one instance where one of her husband’s friends once left a bag of cocaine on a pool table at their home and that one of the children had dipped her her finger into the bag before she arrived to stop her ingesting it.

In addition to cocaine she said her husband regularly took ecstasy, heroin, ketamine, molly and magic mushrooms.

Among the business associates who the wife lists in the affidavit as people her husband would regularly take the good shit with are his boss at Jefferies & Co, Ben Lorello and Myriad Solutions CFO Mark Hosny.

Lorello has categorically denied the allegations.

Responding to the claims an insider source told the nypost the following: ‘We know what this is all about — this is revenge.’

For his part Sage Kelly has distanced himself from his estranged wife’s claims pointing out her brand of foibles including an instance where she once drove her Range Rover into a utility pole with their two kids in the car. An incident which led to the wife being charged with driving while intoxicated, a felony,and endangering the welfare of a child in 2010.

Reiterated the husband: ‘While [she] and I used recreational drugs on occasion at certain social events in the past, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ tale she tells this court is a work of fiction’.

Of interesting note Christine Kelly insists her husband would also urinate and defecate himself in bed which would lead to the banker issuing the following response: I have never defecated or urinated in bed, on the floor or a wall

At present Sage Kelly continues to run the healthcare investment branch at Jeffries and Co but one wonders for how much longer…?

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co
Sage Kelly with Christine Kelly and their 2 children.

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co

Sage Kelly, Jefferies & Co

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    Blow and booze can make you do al sorts of bad things.

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    He hands his wife over to get in with another CEO..His mother should be so proud.. Wonderful job you did by handing this psychopath everything.. The other dog is the head of a pharmaceutical company …fueling people on side effect meds.. God help up.. And so many good men are just scraping by…

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    This story is so over the top it has to be true.