Home Scandal and Gossip Megan Mahoney, Catholic gym teacher raped 16 year old 30 times.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic gym teacher raped 16 year old 30 times.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic gym teacher
Is this teacher guilty of rape? Commentators remain divided…

Megan Mahoney a 24 year old Staten Island Catholic high gym teacher this Monday was arrested on 30 counts of statutory rape in the third degree of a then 16 year old student over the course of 3 months between Halloween last year and January 9, 2014.

Authorities told that the sexual liaisons took place a number of times both at Moore Catholic High school and at other venues, including the teacher’s home.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher had affairs with male students with school knowledge

According to the nypost, Megan Mahoney was arrested on four counts of ‘criminal sexual act’ meaning mutual oral sex. The order would tell that the Staten Island gym teacher had engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with the boy at least twice a week.

The woman’s arrest comes after she resigned her post which also included coaching the girls’ basketball team this past January after she was spotted with the boy by his ex-girlfriend at a local pizzeria.

An ensuing investigation would lead to the NYPD affirming that sexual encounters had taken place at the school.

Released this afternoon on bail the teacher and her lawyer, Eric Nelson declined to issue any comments to the media.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher

Told the boy who has since been expelled by the school when apprised of Mahoney’s arrest on Monday: ‘I don’t really know how I feel about it.’

Interestingly the school has told that the boy had been expelled for other reasons beyond maintaining sexual ties with the teacher despite the boy’s insistence otherwise. That said one wonders had the genders been reversed whether the victim would have been expelled in the first place.

The nypost would aslo note in its report that the boy had at one point boasted of the liaison

The case has since led to commentators on the web discussing the merits of the case, with some wondering had the genders been reversed whether the teacher would have even been offered the option of bail to one commentator arguing: The idea that this is RAPE and Ms. Mahoney will have to register as sex offender is an assault on common sense. She is being sacrificed on an altar of political correctness.

Which led to another commentator arguing: Poiltical correctness? Are you serious? What seems to escape from peoples minds is that a 16 year old, no matter how “mature” you might think they are, cannot legally consent to sexual relations with somebody this teachers age. What this woman did was rape in not only the eyes of the law but in the eyes common morality.

If found guilty Megan Mahoney could serve up to four years in jail for each felony charge.

Moore Catholic High School was founded in 1962 and has 500 students and 28 teaching staff. The teacher is now scheduled to re appear in court on Dec. 2.

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher

Megan Mahoney, Catholic teacher


Megan Mahoney, Catholic gym teacher



  1. Who wrote this POS? My monkey can type better and with fewer mistakes. Hey, Scallywagandvagabond, how about making the articles legible? That’d be nice for a change, given that English appears to be your first language, though I have serious doubts.

  2. With what little information is available, what do you feel is the appropriate punishment assuming she’s convicted of statutory rape?

  3. Under NY State Law it is a Class D Felony for anyone over the age of 21 to have a sexual relationship with anyone under 17 as with that age differential, the younger person is not competent to give consent. That is statutory rape, a law that is meant to protect teens under 17 from being exploited. Even if the boy “came onto” the older person and wanted the sex, it is the legal responsibility of the adult to refuse a sexual relationship. There is no defense “the boy wanted it” under a statutory rape charge, such a defense would be disallowed by the judge.

    Now the situation is aggravated when it’s a teacher-student relationship as there is more of a power differential and more room for abuse. Even if the boy was 18 and the teacher 21, the teacher would be fired and lose her teaching license as state teacher licensing laws forbid such relationships.

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