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John Cantone, 60 sues hospital after nurse, 33 forced him to have sex with her whilst waiting for heart transplant.

John Cantone
Why has John Cantone’s sexual abuser’s nurse license not been reprimanded?

John Cantone, a 60 year old Illinois man is suing a hospital for $200 000 claiming that that a 33 year old nurse forced him to have sex with her whilst he lay in a hospital bed awaiting a heart transplant.

In a Cook County Circuit Court complaint, John Cantone said that at 9 p.m. on Oct. 12, 2012, Rachel Shaper entered his Advocate Christ Medical Center room and ‘initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse,’ with Cantone while he lay in ‘compromised health.’

Cantone was in the care of the registered nurse in the cardiac intensive care unit of the hospital, located in West Chicago, awaiting a heart transplant at the time of the alleged abuse, according to The Smoking Gun.

Cantone was reportedly medicated with ‘various drugs and was under electronic monitoring’ at the time.

The complaint states that as a result of Shaper’s sexual battery, Cantone ‘suffered injury and damages of a personal and pecuniary nature.’ 

In the complaint Cantone asserts ACMD officials knew that Shaper had a tendency to engage in unauthorized activities with patients in her care but had failed to supervise or terminate her employment.

Cantone’s wife, Laura, a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit reiterated that the nurse’s conduct caused ‘damage to the marital relationship including damage to the society, companionship, and sexual relationship with her husband.’  

Shaper was formally reprimanded in January for, what is described in the complaint as, failing to report her termination from the ACMD. Shaper later admitted to failing to disclose details of her termination.

According to the complaint, Shaper’s lawyer said during mitigation that Shaper has been licensed since 2009 without prior discipline, she cooperated with the state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Division of Professional Regulation and voluntarily completed a boundary course, and no patients were harmed as a result of her actions.

Department officials reprimanded Shaper’s registered nurse license, according to the complaint, however, her license is currently active and will remain valid until May 2016.

John Cantone
Rachel Shaper (left) John Cantone (right).

John Cantone

John Cantone
Advocate Christ Medical Center


  1. What a ridiculous charge and lawsuit. The accused nurse and hospital should countersue this moron for filing false charges. This 60 year old man who was ‘heavily medicated’ while waiting in bed for a heart transplant is supposedly seduced and induced to engage in sexual intercourse with this nurse. What a joke!

    I would like to know what she used and did to enable this guy to not only attain an erection but to complete the act? It would have had to be something special. I bet every guy using Viagra and Cialis would like to know the answer to that question too. I think his wife must be REALLY upset about his story if she had been going without because of his heart condition and the medication he was taking as a result. It is phony lawsuits like this that have clogged up the court system and given lawyers the reputations of being two-legged skunks!

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