Home Pop Culture Jennifer Lawrence naked: TheFappening and misogynism.

Jennifer Lawrence naked: TheFappening and misogynism.

Jennifer Lawrence naked: TheFappening
The culture of misogyny

In the wake of the latest purported celebgate hack, social media has once again taken to gawking to said images purporting of said celebrities with many users, particularly those on reddit and 4chan unabashedly expressing their contempt for the women exposed.

Whilst reddit’s thefappening may have come to be shut down by reddit administrators it seems the discussion and placement of images has this time simply transferred to a new venue: celebnsfw.

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Contemplates the dailybeast: Yes, just as the proverbial dust had settled on the first ugly display of what Internet trolls have deemed “The Fappening,” one that saw dozens of nude photos of big-name celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and others leak online to the image hosting site Imgur, and then spread like wildfire on the message boards 4chan and Reddit, another batch has landed online, and into the clutches of its salivating, disgusting audience, all of whom seem to be operating under the false illusion that they’re in some way deserving of a peek inside these very public people’s private lives.

Continuing: Many of the commenters on the Subreddit board not only feel entitled to these private photos of women, but even argue that these privacy breaches are helping them.

“I see the celebs capitalizing on all these leaks, whether voluntary or not,” wrote Reddit user attacktei. “The PR for them has been enormous, and I suspect this will go on because the effects for them in terms of exposure is overwhelmingly good.”

Intrigued, I too went on the subreddit and found a variety of comments that had me wondering and admittedly saddened by the degree of hostility and misappropriation of feminine virtue, forcing me to wonder why so many men have negative and hardened attitudes towards women and to what degree our culture with its oversexualized ouever has manifested such attitudes?

That said I screen shot a sampling of discussions on celebnsfw which I will warn you now are not for the feint hearted but go a long way towards what many men may feel towards women as unsettling as they are…

Jennifer Lawrence naked: TheFappening

[–]psychoacer 4 points 5 hours ago 

Most of the posts here on /r/celebnsfw still work so there is no reason to act like imgur was that bad of a decision. With that said mirrors are always appreciated with this kind of content and backups are a must if you want to see this late

[–]TheOneWhoKnocks3 23 points 17 hours ago 

Omg, these leaks really are getting better and better

[–]shitwinker77 78 points 16 hours ago 

I always thought that fucking her would be like fucking a concentration camp victim, but you know what? I still would. Plus, the fact that she hasn’t eaten since 2004 means her anus is clean.

[–]HackBlowfist 3 points 12 hours ago 

I don’t know if “fermez la bouche” is the best thing to have written on your panties in front of your vagina. Maybe she just doesn’t enjoy being eaten out.

[–]Godherebros 0 points 11 hours ago 

Shes a lesbo, of course she likes it, but why does it look like her vag has been blown apart in that bent over mirror pick?

[–]Spikesjoe 10 points 23 hours ago 


[–]BubiBalboa 9 points 1 day ago 

She has more shoes than I have socks

[–]cindereynolds 7 points 18 hours ago 

I would eat her shit

[–]TheAngelMoroni 14 points 15 hours ago 

She’s borderline uncomfortable to look at. I’d be shocked if she weren’t anorexic.

[–]n1gnogs 6 points 14 hours ago 

Damn she is amazingly hot

[–]Halo909 8 points 15 hours ago 

She a little fat for my taste

[–]PostingDrunk 2 points 1 day ago 

Looks like her to me. Hooray for Boobies

[–]Ridictt 1 point 23 hours ago 

Please be more

[–]Warsawx 1 point 23 hours ago 

Is it true that there were Mélanie Laurent leaked pics?

[–]hurricane4 1 point 23 hours ago 

The gods are good

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Hmm, Hayden Panettiere’s breasts look awfully fake to me…

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