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Theresa Roemer fake insurance scam? Burglar calls to report fake handbags

Theresa Roemer fake
Is Theresa Roemer really telling the truth?

It seems the case of Texan socialite Theresea Roemer‘s stolen closet artifacts has taken an interesting new twist after the purported burglar of her ‘million dollar’ handbags and jewelry called a local media outlet to tell that their cache was in fact fake.

Theresa Roemer flaunts her luxury closet on GMA only to be robbed

Using a voice modulator and a burner phone the thief told a Houston Press staff reporter: Every single item she had is fake.’

The thief went on to own up to an extortion attempt: ‘I requested over half a million dollars [from Roemer] to return her items and not expose her to the news. During the meet, it seemed as if she contacted authorities. The deal never went through. I’m following through with my threat.’

Which is to say the thief hazarded a guess that Theresa would rather forfeit $500K than go live with the story that her to die for artifacts were all fake to begin with. But when Theresa declined to fork over the money (if she’s buying fake would she really then just pay top dollar to save face in the first place?) that’s when the thief decided to expose his target.

Which naturally led to the purported burglar mailing over a dozen stolen items to the Houston Press, with the outlet telling the artifacts appeared to be nothing more than costume jewelry. One of the items was a locket containing a lock of hair of Roemer’s son Michael who died in a car crash in 2006. That, too the outlet would tell appeared to be fake.

For her part, Theresa Roemer believes that the thief has been unable to convert the items since the burglary made national headlines, which is why the burglar is now claiming shit is fake. Theresa would also tell NBC that she has receipts confirming the thief’s haul are in fact legit.

At the time of the robbery, Roemer, a former beauty queen, said the stolen handbags were Birkin travel bags.

She said each of the three bags, from luxury designer Hermès, cost $60,000. Also swiped were 10 Rolex watches and between 10 and 12 Cartier watches. It wasn’t until a July segment on ABC’s “Good Morning America where the former beauty Queen tooted her cache that she would come to be robbed the following month, presumably by someone who was essentially given an open invitation to teach Theresa manners when it comes to showing off one’s wealth.

Yet not everyone is necessarily convinced that Theresa Roemer is necessarily telling the truth, that she’s simply an innocent victim forced to deal with a no gooder as a variety of conspiracy theories have now taken place:

‘So here is my theory…. This was all set up by the owner, she was supposed to give the ‘thief’ money to commit the ‘crime’ and something went sideways. So now the thief is telling everybody the stuff is fake so she can’t get her insurance money. There’s nothing about the entire situation that’ll ever make me think this was real,” said Stephanie Wood.

“It’s all a total set up. Convenient they went to dinner and didn’t set the alarm,” said Karen Jacomet.

“Looks like an insurance scam all along,” said Mack A. Miller.

Theresa Roemer fake

Theresa Roemer fake

Theresa Roemer fake


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