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Pictures: Meredith Powell math teacher sentenced (only) 6 months after sex with students



Meredith Powell math teacher
Did Meredith Powell get off lightly?

Meredith Powell a former Tacoma, Washington High school math teacher was yesterday sentenced to 6 months jail after pleading guilty to two counts of third-degree child rape and one count of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, all felonies. Charges that would all stem from the former teacher maintaining sexual relations with up to three male students.

Meredith Powell: Fourth student now accuses math teacher of sex 

Meredith Powell, math teacher rapes two student boys and sends pictures to a third.

In handing out his verdict, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Frank Cuthbertson believed Meredith Powell to be remorseful (would he have believed as much if the genders were reversed?) deciding to suspend all but six months of a five year sentence as well as ordering the former teacher into a sex offender program for first time offenders.

Powell cried after her sentencing and told the court she prays every day for the two teenage boys and is heartbroken at the suffering she has caused the boys and their families.

Told the teacher: ‘I feel like words can’t even express how sorry I am,’

‘I wish I could take back what happened to the students that I failed. Sorry doesn’t take away anything that happened, but I hope they can move forward with as little impact as possible.’

Meredith Powell math teacher

Powell would also tell that a series of problems, including molestation in her own youth, contributed to her behavior.

The judge, Frank Cuthbertson, in turn would remark that sentencing was difficult because Powell’s behavior was ‘out of character.’ 

Adding: ‘This is difficult, this is different, this is not what we usually see,’ the judge told Powell. ‘Everything suggests this is out of character for you. But again, you need to understand the severe impact that this has had not just on the victims but on their families.’

The families of the victims were upset by the short jail sentence.

One stormed out and several others cursed.

The attorney for Tacoma Public Schools, Shannon McMinimee, said the district was also disappointed by Powell’s sentence.

‘Ms. Powell repeatedly talked about letting her students down,’ she said after the hearing. ‘The reality is she committed child rape.’  

Meredith Powell math teacher

Powell’s attorney Wayne Fricke told King5.com his client has shown remorse over what happened.

‘She was going through a difficult time in her personal life and obviously made a lot of bad choices, regrettable choices,’ said Fricke.

A fourth count of sexual misconduct of a minor would be dismissed.

Powell’s case first came to light after police learned of a letter the teacher wrote to one of the boy’s girlfriends apologizing for ‘promiscuous’ and ‘unprofessional’ drunken text messages she exchanged with one of the boys.

Powell would be subsequently arrested and placed on unpaid leave.

Investigations would determine that Meredith Powell had begun a relationship with the two students – who were between the ages of 15 and sixteen – in January of this year.

Powell told police the relationships began when she was intoxicated and sent a text to the students, saying they were ‘hot’, following back-and-forth communication.

Meredith Powell math teacher

Powell said she apologized to the students the next morning, and also sent a letter to one of the defendant’s girlfriends in an attempt to explain what happened.

Upon interviewing her victims, the boys told they had come to have sex with the teacher after she locked her classroom door ensuring the students were captive.

After further interviews with police, Meredith Powell would concede that she had indeed engaged in a sex act with one of the students and other sex acts with another at different times in late January.

Powell also sent at least one of the victims a Snapchat photo of her in the bathtub.

She told police she knew her actions were wrong, and that she would apologize to the student’s parents if she could.

Meredith Powell math teacher

Meredith Powell math teacher





  1. Do you maintain your opinion if it’s the case of a male teacher having consensual sex with a 17 year old student? How about 16 year old? How about 15? Because if you don’t say 18 is the legal age, surely you realize there has to be a legal age for consent. And the reason for it, as anon pointed out, is the psychological question of A) does this kid really know what he is feeling/doing?; and B) is this adult not taking advantage and manipulating a younger mind in order to obtain pleasure from him/her? I don’t mean to deny that some of these relationships are actually consensual in the true sense – both parties analyze their feelings and decided to act upon it really knowing where they were getting into – and in those cases these legal consequences, because they are artificially connected with age, are extremely unjust. My point is that the most relevant part in all this is the psychological maturity of the youth and the emotional stability of the adult, which is undoubtedly harder for the court to assess (compared to a verifiable fact as age, or age difference) but it would be the correct way to approach these cases. I also don’t question what you said about the victims being “forced” to be victims by their family and society in general, but again I don’t believe gender is the factor here but age – actually, in that particular, if anything young boys would be most likely to have their families’ support of a relationship with an older woman than the other way around. Feel free to reply with insults and troll-like attitude but pay in mind that this was written for the purpose of debate, so if you go down that road you definitely won’t be a liverpool fan [because you’ll be walking alone;]

  2. This is total bullshit. These guys are willing to do it at the time the assault happens, or at least we can assume that they were. They are just as guilty, otherwise we would hear on the story that the woman physically forced or drugged them, and these cases would be taken more seriously on a regular basis. However that is not the case, women get arrested and charged with the same stuff even when the teenagers were willing to do it at the time of the “assault”. What happens to your brain when you go from 17 to 18 years old that makes you so biologically mature? Many of these women get insane sentences for having sex with 17 year old “victims”, because of people like you. Furthermore, any teenager that knows about sex and that would get traumatized from having sex with an older woman wouldn’t go out in a date with their teacher, wouldn’t flirt with their teacher, etc… Of all that takes maturity and confidence, you must know your stuff if you take it that far. Every case is different, but sometimes the “victims” are only victims because they are forced to be victims by their upset parents, and possibly because they’re afraid of the legal system. The reason people like me and that poster above are always assuming that the victims aren’t really traumatized, is because these guys are having the time of their lives at the time of the assault in question. Sure there are some psychological breakdowns due to being abused at an extremely young age, that’s only if you were a child.

  3. What’s false is a dummy like you assuming every male is the same as you, there are many male victims of female molestation who as adults say they are traumatized by what happened because they didn’t want it and say they hate when idiots like you claim they did want it or say something’s wrong with them for not wanting it which traumatizes them further. And even some victims who say they loved it are damaged in other ways like having bad relationships with women or causing them to have a negative view of women, the law can’t ignore their plight because YOU think they should love it. The fact is not all males are the same just like not all females are the same some girls wanted it too and even as grown women will tell you they had no problem with it, but the law is there to protect all underage kids because even if you or I or a ton of females like it there are many others of both genders who get hurt and have completely different feelings on this. And females CAN force a man to have sex with him not just by threats or knocking them out/tying them up drugging them or being able to overpower them because some females are stronger than men, but also coercion peer pressure manipulation being in a position of power and abusing that power like these teachers do in the case of underage boys. Not surprising when dumbasses like you get so focused on the physicality of it that you ignore the psychological side of things which are the same across both genders, you people hardly use your brain so you forget about it but the mind is the most powerful part of the human body and the minds of underage kids aren’t even fully developed not to mention many are naive and trusting which makes it easy for predators to groom them for sex the way teachers like this one so often do. So sorry retard but these boys are victims even if they don’t view themselves as such and you whining and complaining isn’t going to change that fact or the law so get over it.

  4. in guy’s points of view,most of them think they got all the fun with a relatively attractive female teacher , so what’s the problem?

  5. Sorry folks, but males and females are markedly different. If this had happened to most heterosexual men, they’d wear it as a badge of honor to their dying day. How false of society pretending that this brought trauma to any of these guys. Other than putting a gun to a guy’s head or some other kind of threat, you simply cannot force him to have sex with a woman. Period! Most of us guys reading this WISH we were such “traumatized victims” of this pretty teacher.

  6. I’m betting one of the fathers had a hand in her light sentence. Six months isn’t too long to wait or to hate.

  7. I sure hope a pissed off parent isn’t looking for some payback when she gets out of jail. It’s scary how crazy some people can get over stuff like this. Hope she didn’t give any of them an STD.

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