Home Scandal and Gossip Sean Murphy, Keith Urban fan rapes girl whilst fans take pictures

Sean Murphy, Keith Urban fan rapes girl whilst fans take pictures

Keith Urban fan rapes girl
How was Sean Murphy able to sexually assault one woman in front of thousands of fans?

Sean Murphy, 18, a Keith Urban fan has come to be arrested after allegedly raping a fellow attendee at a Keith Urban concert over the weekend. Making the ordeal even more gruesome is the assertion that fans did little to help the girl as some took to taking pictures of the sex tryst.

The incident comes on the same evening that saw the country gig descend into chaos after 22 attendees were sent to hospital for intoxication, and another 50 arrested on alcohol related charges.

Despite claims that fans did little to help the 17 year old sexually assaulted girl, fans would later tell that they were unaware that the attack was taking place before their very eyes, with some having told they believed it was consensual. An assertion that Sean Murphy has since contended.

According to a police report, a concert-goer reported to an officer on the lawn of the venue that she believed a rape had taken place in front of a large crowd.

The woman told the officer she asked the teenage girl involved if the sex was consensual and she allegedly said ‘no’.

The woman said she pushed Murphy off the victim. The girl ran off and Sean Murphy, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, also fled into the crowd.

The female victim would be reunited with her friends whilst police took to apprehending her assailant.

Fans who witnessed the alleged attack provided police with cellphone footage of what they saw.

Describes jezebel in more intimate disturbing detail: As the two began having sex, a small crowd gathered around to watch, some patrons really classing up the joint by taking pictures and video with their phones. When a female bystander asked the girl “do you want this?”, she said “no,” and according to witnesses, broke free from Murphy and ran away. The girl found her friends, who took her to the police. The police, in turn, locked all the concert attendees inside the outdoor amphitheater as they searched for Murphy, who witnesses say was on his cell phone with his parents, telling them that he had “messed up.” According to the police report, he was drunk on Jack Daniels…

One fan described drunk 14- and 15-year-olds vomiting on other concertgoers. Keith Urban himself commented on the wild crowd in a video tweeted out to fans after the concert.

Since the purported rape and inundated instances of public disorderly behavior, some fans have taken to blaming lax security, blaming security personnel for failing to search people on their way in and for not patrolling the lawn for unruly fans.

Murphy’s attorney, Neil P. Crowley has since told that the incident ‘was a consensual act, not a sexual assault.’

Adding, ‘there are no allegations of force or violence put against him.’

Even going so far to add the following: ‘This was a private act that regrettably occurred in a public place. Mr. Murphy deeply regrets this incident and I’m sure the young woman does as well.’

Keith Urban fan rapes girl

Keith Urban fan rapes girl
The Xfinity Center in Mansfield, outside of Boston where Saturday’s concert took place
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