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Diane Stretton, Nanny from Hell is not the bitch the media want you to believe is

Nanny from Hell
Diane Stretton is the ’employee’ that dared stand up for her rights, unlike you….

Although on one level the whole situation involving one Californian live in nanny, Diane Stretton, since been deemed the ‘nanny from hell’ is raucously funny, as one folly after another folly is documented, the reality of the situation is that Diane Stretton is an employee who came to be abused by at the hands of her employer who thought they could get one over Diane Stretton, until she decided to teach them a lesson.

Contemplates gawker The Bracamontes decided they needed a live-in servant to help care for their children, but they did not want to pay wages for that labor. Through some combination of greed, stupidity, and self-regard, they believed that in lieu of paying for the work, they could simply give the person they hired meals and a place in their house to sleep.

Now, to their shock, the Bracamontes have discovered that the person who initially agreed to work on their exploitative and illegal terms is unreasonable. They are so upset that they have gone to the press with this problem: that the person they unlawfully brought into their home, as an unpaid servant, now will neither work as their servant nor leave their house.

What a terrible problem for the Bracamonte family to have. Now they say they are afraid in their own home, because this person they were ripping off—this marginal and allegedly disturbed person they thought should be caring for their children—won’t go away.

What’s been interesting in the coverage of the nanny from hell dilemma, until now, is how not one media entity dared come to Diane Stretton’s defense. She was the one seen making life miserable for a ‘well meaning family,’ she was the one seen abusing the generosity of the family, she was the one who was barging in on the life of one unsuspecting family, she was the one who had a history of dysfunctionality, she was the one who just one day decided to stop working.

But what did the Bracamonte’s in good faith really expect? Did they really believe in lieu of wages that they could just offer an employee some sketchy benefits and when that shit didn’t work out they could at the drop of a hat just haul the nanny out on to the street? How presumptive. How callous and how very American.

Then again weren’t the Bracamontes simply trying to pull off what many employers these days try to pull off? Get you to come and work and if they don’t like you just get rid of you without having to comply with the laws, without moral regard for the employee and in essence treat one as a throw away figure who has no recourse to the law should they come to feel that they unlike most people will not tolerate such behavior.

Yes the Bracamonte family are idiots. Presumptuous and too full of themselves. But of course we still pity them. They now have to contend with an old woman who has spent a lifetime being abused, misguided and admittedly unable to get her shit together. And whether the Bracamonte family thinks it’s fair or not, they are forced to live with the presumption that they could skirt Californian law and instead of offering a wage to an employee they could instead offer them some meals and board, believing that was always enough. Of course the truth is they were not doing enough but they Bracamontes will tell you otherwise.

Perhaps equally disturbing is why most mainstream press has declined to expose the Bracamonte’s and why the media has chosen ostensibly to side with the family (the video below via cnn had me livid) whilst all the while deriding the ‘nanny from hell‘ who at the end of the day, as unconventional as it may be was simply trying to protect her lot.

Reflects further gawker: Good for Stretton. How sadly fallen is this country when crooks like the Bracamontes can put themselves forth as sympathetic figures? Why, because they own a house? Because they “created” a “job”? The Nanny From Hell is an avatar of our collective future, the symbol of a nation that screws people remorselessly and pretends it’s business as usual. What do we expect will happen, after “entitlement reform” and “pension restructuring,” when everyone whose benefits have been looted reaches retirement age?

Which is to ask how did the common man come to be so screwed over the last few decades to the point where the owners of capital or job givers are the supposed true heroes of America when in reality so many of them are crafting devices to get out of ways of being held accountable until someone like Diane Stetton came along, at last.



  1. Watching the Dr Phil episode again featuring her. I hope you get the opportunity to watch that. Her own sister has been sued a whole bunch of time by her. She has sued many people over 27 years. The woman is a mess.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this piece because this is exactly how I see it too and everything that you say is true. Furthermore, Marcella said on her facebook page before going to the media that she would ruin this nanny publicly.. she set out to destroy her and she basically did that. If I’m not mistaken that’s ground for lawsuit right there. She didn’t go to media to help the public but to get revenge. This nanny doesn’t have a criminal record and just because she has filed some frivalous lawsuits or has been homeless doesn’t deem her unfit either.. infact, she even has a master’s degree.. not that it really matters because at the end of the day the bracamonte’s did what you said.. they tried to pull a fast one.. to get a slave and it didn’t work out. Thanks again! 🙂 One more thing, listen to the radio interview with KNX I think where Marcella hangs up on the interviewer calling him not a nice guy because he dared to remind her that she should have been paying Diane in the first place.. you could really hear/see her true colors there lol.

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