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Nicolle McMillen sentenced 3 years jail after having oral sex with her 14 year old son’s two friends

Nicolle McMillen
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Nicolle McMillen a 44 year old Irvine, Californian mother has been sentenced to 3 years and four months jail along with ordered to register as a lifetime sex offender after she came to have oral sex with two of her 14 year old son’s friends.

Nicole McMillen, a former behavioral specialist (yes the irony…) within the Tustin Unified School District came to be convicted last October on four counts of lewd acts on a child and three counts of oral copulation of a minor under 16.

According to the prosecution, the married woman was keeping a ‘fun’ home where her children’s school friends could come and play video games and watch TV.

Pursuant to an investigation, authorities would come to find that  in January and February 2012, Nicolle McMillen assaulted a 14-year-old boy who came to her house in a gated community in Irvine, repeatedly touching his groin over the pants and performing oral sex on him.

When the boy’s parents learned of the incident and filed a complaint with police, investigators discovered a second victim, a 16-year-old.

Nicolle McMillen

During her trial last fall, prosecutors said that the married mother of three carried on a year-long affair with the older boy between 2005 and 2006.

McMillen engaged in oral sex with her son’s 16-year-old friend, who had known her since he was 10, at least on one occasion, prosecutions claimed.

At the time of the incidents McMillen was working part-time with kindergarten-age kids at Peters Canyon Elementary School and as a behavioral interventionist with the Tustin Unified School District.

During yesterday’s sentencing, Nicolle McMillen showed little emotion. Her husband, Joseph McMillen, and parents sat in the audience during the proceedings.

Nicole McMillen’s attorney, Salvatore Ciulla, had asked for a probation sentence for his client in light of the fact that she already had served 296 days in jail.

But Judge James Rogan rejected the defense’s request, telling that McMillen had shown no remorse and continued to deny her wrongdoings.

Prosecutors had initially sought a 7 year maximum sentence but were said to be satisfied with a 3 year and four month ruling. Of course one is inclined to wonder if the genders were reversed if McMillen would have indeed received the full weight of the law….

That said the convicted child molester could be released early because of prison overcrowding.



  1. It’s about time for some people to be told that we are living in the 21st century already. Stop being so hypocritical! Sex is no longer a taboo since the sixties. Most teenagers are now more experienced sexually than their parents. At their age I was not as lucky, to have such a generous woman to initiate me. I had to procure a professional. I’m sure those boys will be ashamed all their lives, for being put through such an embarrassing, sissy situation. Well, I know I would, if that had happened to me.

  2. i agree completely!Good luck fining much sympathy here though as as most seem to think sex with children is aOK

  3. I think it’s one thing for adolescents experience sexuality amongst themselves but an all together different thing when that happens at the hands of an adult, never mind one 3 times the age of the individuals as in this case, it amounts to pedophilia and it is just not men who are capable of this…. and it certainly doesn’t count for healthy exploration of sexuality

  4. When I was 14 I’d be delirious from happiness if I got a BJ from a MILF. They’re not children you puritan sickos!

  5. Adolescents are not children. Lower the age of consent between 14-16, as it is most all of Europe (Ireland excepted).

  6. “Of course one is inclined to wonder if the genders were reversed if
    McMillen would have indeed received the full weight of the law….”

    That is a stupid question because most already know the answer is YES. Also, not only would the sentence be more harsh the charges themselves would had been more harsh. In every corner of the male injustice system females get off with a slap on the wrist compared to their male equals.

    A quick look at sentencing you’d find the gap between white males and black males is nothing compared to the gap between females of any race and males. You can pick any crime from the most violent crimes to the most mundane crimes like speeding and males are always treated with an extremely heavy hand. While females are giving free passes or barely charged with a crime.

    The war on gender has always been waged against males. Historically it was males in position of power oppressing other males. But, now it has the added support of a large percentage of females pushing the campaign. In the end it sucks to be a men today in the Western Society of extreme male hate.

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