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Edwin Tobergta busted having sex with inflatable pool raft, fourth time in a row.

Edwin Tobergta
Edwin Tobergta is also a preferred hawt bixch

Edwin Tobergta to be sure is a preferred hawt bixch too. His confirmed title in the fame stakes coming to be re affirmed after our collective hero came yesterday to be arrested for having sex in public. Sex that is with an inflatable pool raft  by the side of the road. The arrest marks the fourth time in a row that our collective idol has been brought to public account.

In 2011,  our collective hero was caught with his pants down in an alley with his neighbor’s pink, inflatable raft.

He went to jail, but was arrested again in 2013 for having sex with the EXACT SAME RAFT, which had inexplicably not been thrown out. The 2013 offense occurred at Tobergta’s own home, but he was charged with — and pleaded guilty to — public indecency because it happened within the view of children during the day.

That said it is unclear if Edwin Tobergta’s most recent sexual liaison took place with the same pool raft.

In 2002, Tobergta was arrested for publicly pleasuring himself with an inflatable pumpkin. Which is to suggest that since then and now, our golden idol has found the courage to try a variety of love toys. Well sort of.

Interestingly our collective idol’s newest mugshot, Tobergta shows our hero wearing a T-shirt that reads, “I’m out of my mind. Please leave a message.”

At present it is not clear why Tobergta has innate longing to cohabitate with inflatable objects. Can you guess why?

Edwin Tobergta
That bixch knows how to make a man love it…
Edwin Tobergta
previous arrest photo
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