Home Fashion Asymmetric man thongs are the new summer trend. Are you game?

Asymmetric man thongs are the new summer trend. Are you game?

Asymmetric man thongs
‘You better werk it gal….’ How game are you to be trotting this summer in your own asymmetric man thong? Bobby Norris is always a preferred hawt bixch …

It seems a growing and brave breed group of men (Bobby Norris we salute you)  have taken to wearing asymmetric man thongs this summer. The question now is how soon will the trend cross over to the general male population and will you be tempted to join in?

According to buzzfeed who have done a delicious piece on the revealing outfit, the thongs go by the name ‘c shape’ G-strings’ and are a favorite amongst the young and brazen, good looking and one suspects gay crowd.

While most men in the US are loathe to don Speedos, a remarkable number of men stay with the modest true and tested board shorts which come to the knees, asymmetric man thongs dare to reveal more than you could possibly have envisaged possible.

Tells the supplier: ‘you tuck it between your buns and it keeps your tackle in place.’

Whilst most underwear/swimwear aims to preserve a man’s modesty, quite the opposite goes on here, with a wearer’s ‘modesty’ very much the focal point and draw. Which may or may not elicit much male sympathy except for those chaps who savor exhibitionist zeal and not so subtle gestures which scream, ‘I’m holding two rum daiquiris by the pool, one is for me and the other one is for you once you come and say hello….’

The asymmetric man thong is also said to come in a variety of delicious colors, not that color is its salient strong point but if you’re going to go commando why not sprinkle a little color to go with the up tempo attitude?

‘Yes bixch, that’s two rum daiquiri I’m holding and I’m walking in your direction…’


A dash of color can only enhance a gentleman’s zesty appeal…
Not just for catalogue models but for the likes of you and me in everyday circumstances…

So how do they fit and perform live? I have yet to try mine, then again I’m not one for standing by the pool and flexing my gems, not yet anyway.

Told one wearer: ‘When I first tried on my c-string, I thought there was no way it was going to work, however… You really have to play with the wire a bit. In trying to get a good fit, I found that making sure it was tight against the body “between my cheeks” worked out the best, the very tip of the metal also had to be bent towards the body to fit right. Having made these adjustments: it is very comfortable, even for extended wear.

Well at least it fits very comfortably even though admittedly it looks all rather uncomfortable. But then again one could say the same of stilettos….

But there’s a caveat, and you are forever warned:

But be warned: If you have some epic junk, it may not all fit in this trunk, says D.D. from Dallas:

Pay heed to the item description. “One size fits MOST.” It stretches, but it’s hard – or perhaps impossible – to get all of your junk in this trunk. If your big mac is totally super sized, I’d say probably not your style.

And bear in mind there will be moments when your asymmetric man thong might just ‘pop out.’ Which inevitably one imagines is the whole purpose once you all reach back to the hotel room.

Told one reviewer: ‘I was worried that the back piece would feel invasive, but it never touched my anus. The wire needs adjusting (all people are shaped differently?) but once adjusted it was rather comfortable. A word to the wise, though, after sitting for a while it fell out. Luckily, it didn’t fall out of my shorts, the front was still (more or less) secured, but the rear half fell out. I had to excuse myself to the restroom, so no big deal, but maybe not for everyday wear.’

Gents, isn’t it time you threw out the board shorts this summer and donned your asymmetric man thongs too? There is bound to be a party at the end of the afternoon evening starring your you and you new found admirers ….

Asymmetric man thongs