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The Connection Between Celebrities and Addictive Things

Connection Between Celebrities and Addictive Things
Is actor Ben Affleck addicted to something greater than even him…?

It’s no secret to know that some of our favorite celebrities are addicts. Whether it be to alcohol, drugs, gambling or something more unusual, it’s not often we can turn a page in a newspaper or magazine without reading about another stars troubles or fall from grace.

But is this part and parcel of being famous? Are these people any more likely to become addicts than you or I? Or perhaps it might just be a strange coincidence which seems more like a trend as the papers report on the addictions of famous people more than the addictions of you or I.

There is however, no denying that there are a striking number of celebrities with addiction problems, be them well publicised or not. There are many reasons for this, especially with regards to drug addiction. For instance, the blame is very often placed on the pressure faced by celebrities in their gruelling work schedules. These celebs then either look to release the pressure in the form of drug, alcohol or gambling binges, or opt to abuse substances which will allow them to work harder and longer.

It might be that the celebrity in question has an underlying and perhaps also undiagnosed mental issue, such as bipolar disorder, OCD or even things like insomnia. And addiction doesn’t have to come in the form of illegal substances – many celebrities become addicted to medicines which have been prescribed to them, and often they can become addicted to gambling (though sometimes in the case of Tobey Maguire this can also be illegal).

The Connection Between Celebrities and Addictive Things
Too much of a ‘good thing?’

As celebrities can usually afford to gamble freely, it can be hard to draw the line and point out that the person has an addiction. For example, Ben Affleck is a notoriously good gambler, but does it count as an addiction if you keep winning and feel no detrimental consequences? Most people aren’t concerned about another’s gambling if they win a large sum of money.

Also, this tends to let the problem go unnoticed, as one of the major indicators we recognise as a sign of gambling addiction is debt. Many celebrities like Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods spend ridiculous amounts of money on bets and poker games, but it seems to be seen as less of a problem than if you or I spent $60,000 on a bet, as their bank balance remains in the black even if they lose.

Other celebs, like Pamela Anderson have not been so lucky and have seen their gambling addiction rack up a huge debt, and these are the ones we hear most stories about.

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The Connection Between Celebrities and Addictive Things
The poster girl of a ‘habit’ that got the better of her?

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