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Vanessa Knowles nude pictures. Law student poses nude to pay for law school.

Vanessa Knowles nude
Vanessa Knowles. How more women are getting ahead …..

It seems to be an increasingly acceptable way to get ahead for women. Using their looks and sexuality to earn their keep and then some. Latest entrant in the sexualization of their looks is Vanessa Knowles (stage name) who has taken to posing nude to pay for law school.

The law student’s posing comes off the heels of Duke College’s Miriam Weeks (aka Belle Knox) being exposed on campus as she ‘resorted’ to pornography to meet the steep ($60K a year) costs of her education.

Vanessa Knowles foray into the tittilitating comes whilst finishing up her second year at London University as she is slated to graduate with her LLB in September.

Upon graduation the law student intends to pursue a career in intellectual property law at a prestigious firm.

According to the UK‘s Mirror Vanessa Knowles has paid her two-year £14,000 law degree in full, without resorting to a loan, and lives in a central London apartment.

Along with her recent all nude expose, Vanessa Knowles has a part time job. She strips for men on the web for 12 hours every week. She has around 22,000 fans who, she says, are very supportive of her of her studies and have even bought Knowles £2,000 worth of law books.

Advises the telegenic brunette: ‘I’ve become an internet personality and my fans get upset if I don’t reply to their messages straight away.’

Vanessa Knowles nude

Knowles has already completed work experience in the City and insists her part-time job will not affect her law career.

But there’s more yummies in store, Vanessa Knowles’ fans also buy her presents from her Amazon wish list that includes champagne and lingerie as well as designer clothing for her placements. Knowles earns on average £50,000 a year from stripping.

According to Knowles, the law student turned to stripping after a friend of hers who worked for a lap-dancing chain organised a photo shot for a Men’s magazine for her. She was 18 at the time.

And despite making a tidy sum via stripping the aspiring lawyer tells she plans to give up stripping once she is a full time lawyer.

Yet there is cause for concern. Asked if there is the possibility law firm seniors may have seen her on the internet, Knowles says she is not bothered and reckons it will not have an impact on her legal career. Meanwhile like Miriam Weeks, aka Belle Knox, some of her fellow students have given her grievance for her career choice.

Despite the consternation, Vanessa Knowles has firmly stood by her choice to pursue lap dancing and nude modeling.

Told the aspiring lawyer via News.com.au: ‘My lap-dancing and webcam work were already teaching me transferable legal skill. I was already playing hard ball and negotiating fees with customers, and some guys were saying they felt intimidated by intelligence.’

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Vanessa Knowles nude

Vanessa Knowles nude

Vanessa Knowles nude

Vanessa Knowles nude

Vanessa Knowles nude

Vanessa Knowles nude