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Belle Knox inspires NYC college students to become strippers.

Belle Knox strippers.
Has Belle Knox emboldened more college girls to start stripping?

Just in case there was any doubt, the nypost is reporting that young college women have been so seduced by the candor of Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks that they are now turning to stripping in the droves.

According to a conversation with one dancing venue (and that really isn’t much to go by, but this is the nypost) where Belle Knox is slated to dance on May 2nd, the club’s manager, Mike Diaz told: ‘We are getting bombarded, five to 10 applicants a day. The Knox story is bringing them in.’

Who could have thought? A story of a young woman turning to pornography has now brought out all you aspiring dancers, strippers, porn stars to get yours as well?

And who’s supplying the best strippers?

According to the Show Palace Club in QueensMike Diaz, Baruch and Brooklyn colleges are really turning them out with the bigger number of rejected applicants coming from Queens College and NYU.

Reiterated Diaz: ‘They’re not so good-looking. I don’t know why,‘ Diaz said. ‘So far, none have met our standards.’

Hopefully that will all change soon enough.

Continues the nypost: Before Knox came along, about 20 percent of the Show Palace dancers were college students. “Now, it’s about 50 percent,” Diaz said. “We’ve hired 30 or 40 new girls.”

But here’s where my eyeballs did somersaults:

‘Columbia parents should be proud. Not even one applicant came from the Ivy League university.’

But kids isn’t that what makes Belle Knox, aka Miriam Weeks such the interesting passage of moral cautioning? That an ivy league girl can now supposedly stoop so low and become one of them girls? Really I’m a bit embarrassed, where are all them ivy league girls who are supposed to be turning to porn? Unless of course they already have and just decided not to bother informing the likes of the nypost of their decision.

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  1. The NY Post is hardly a credible source of information. I know some people read it for the sports section but as for news, it’s considered a joke, at best.

  2. I actually went to Show Palace last nite with my boyfriend – amazing place, hot girls. I didn’t see Belle Knox though.

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