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North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un wins 100% of the ballot. How shams work…

 Kim Jong Un wins 100% of the ballot
The ginger politics of maintaining a dictatorship

Yesterday North Koreans took to the poll to vote for the next president. There was of course never any question of who was going to win, because there was only one candidate running, that of North Korea’s dictator Kim John Un.

The only question was by how much would Kim Jong Un win, amazingly given the recent assassinations and purgings in the dictator’s office, he won a resounding 100%. Which of course is the opposite of what you would expect of a nation who is being strangled by a tyrant, but perhaps the only logical conclusion given the other alternative- imminent death. Not that omnipresent subjugation and deprivation of resources is much of a way to live either.

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According to North Korea’s media, the voters took to the polls full of ‘billows of emotion and happiness.’ Ever ready and ever willing to go along with the sham that everyone is tacitly aware that they must adhere to.

Although the elections are always a foregone conclusion, there too lies some imminent danger not just for the subjects who may resist to vote or say vote for the wrong party (which there is none in the first place) but that of the dictator himself, Kim Jong Un.

Although 100% of eligible North Koreans are required to vote, the nervous feeling is will they? Are there voters who would risk almost certain death by failing to vote? And if there are such voters are there similarly other voters who have chosen to withdraw from the farce. And if one chooses to withdraw from the farce, perhaps others in the future will be forced to withdraw from the election process and other state mandates, which would of course create a legitimate problem of being able to sustain a dictatorship.

Then again, even if there was a particular section of the population, let’s say half of one percent that chose not to vote, one ought not expect the ruling party to broadcast that fact either, that would in essence be giving courage for others to choose not to vote either. So naturally the party will report a 100% win at every election. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t closely measure to see those who fail to turn up either, which might be the real reasons for the elections in the first place.

Then again one suspects if the are sham elections going on every 5 years one also imagines that the public gets to see by reading between the lines how much of the nation is willing to risk death or being taken off to the gulags (and this too would be noticeable to that individuals family and friends) to perpetrate the farce. In that sense the North Koreans are reminded that they do have a choice, one that Kim Jung Un closely and hopelessly monitors the way a prison guard monitors to see if his prisoner still recognizes his captor. One day there too will come a time when Kim Jung Un or his successor will lose, it of course depends on the North Koreans themselves…

Not that the ruling party will ever disclose these facts to the public, but one gets the impression that is the real reason one goes to the polls, to see how much of the population is considering revolt or at the very least willfully choosing not to play by the dictator’s rules.

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