Home Scandal and Gossip Off duty cop shoots man having sex with woman in pool.

Off duty cop shoots man having sex with woman in pool.

Off duty cop shoots man having sex with woman in pool
How did one man having sex with his girlfriend in a pool come to be shot?

An off duty Florida cop shot a man, since identified as 48 year old Tony Ribeiro after he caught the man having sex with a woman in the pool of a Boca Raton apartment complex.

The incident took place at Reflections of Boca Del Mar at 5500 Pacific Boulevard just after noon Saturday, when investigators told a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy emerged from his apartment and discovered a couple ‘engaging’ in the communal pool.

The deputy identified himself as a law enforcement official and asked the man and woman, who did not live in the housing complex, to leave.

According to  WPTV the couple reluctantly complied but a short time later the boyfriend returned and confronted the off duty officer who was by then lounging by the pool.

A dispute ensued which led to the boyfriend attempting to strike the officer with with either a wine glass or a champagne bottle. That in turn led to the off duty cop pulling out his gun and firing, striking the boyfriend.

Witnesses are said to have heard up to five or six gunshots go off.

The victim was taken to Delray Medical Center in critical condition.

Told one witness who declined to reveal their name: ‘I can’t believe it,’

‘I’ve lived here for three years, and it’s been a quiet community. Nothing has ever happened here.’

Detectives are investigating the incident and the off duty deputy has been placed on administrative leave which is standard department protocol.

Off duty cop shoots man having sex with woman in pool



  1. Because what comes out of your mouth, sounds a like liberal, where everything needs to be be pretty, and perfect.

  2. what does that even mean? why is it that people only look at things as categories like life is like this little grocery store, with like little bar codes and little labels on the packaging. Does anyone look at what is inside the packaging or do you just look at the label and that is the final conclusion?

  3. You do realize that your femoral artery is in your leg, and that if it is severed by something like a bullet you can bleed to death in less than a minute?

    Stop getting your knowledge of firearms, anatomy, and police procedure from television.

  4. He isn’t a creep. He has a heart of gold. If the cop felt threatened he should have shot him in the leg. NOT 4 times in the chest. What he did was wrong, but he didn’t deserve that! He is alive…but on life support. I am praying he pulls through and a cop that was uncontrolled like that…shouldn’t be in a line of work that constantly puts him in situations of confrontation.

  5. It’s one thing to say you want the world to be loving and kind you know, Utopia. It’s quite another to know how to make it happen. I do know what you’re saying. I’m telling you that if wishes were horses we’d all be riding. All you have is a wish. In certain circles we’d say that you have the ethic but lack the dynamic. Jesus Christ is the dynamic.

  6. nice, it really helps us form a bigger picture understanding. when positive and negative meet each other they can actually cancel each other out and what you are left with is peace but don’t take my word for it. you will just judge me instead of actually connect with me. I prefer connection. Judgement is easy.

  7. this is your opinion. if you actualized what you were saying then I would definitely 100% disagree with you but the fact that you are happy with where your consciousness is in your part of this conv. is what really disturbs me. You sound complacent and like the life is finished and has a period at the end. I at least would like to add a comma and continue to life in another possible direction but you can’t see what you can’t see, you can’t know what you can’t know. Jesus has nothing to do with it. I am not a religious person. I just look at life’s possibilities and I don’t try and make final statements about how it is. So continue proving my point that I made because you are doing wonderful job not trying to understand what I have said. You are showing me the exact thing I wrote about. No one wants anything to be good. People just want to live in the shit and stand in the shit and eat shit sandwiches and if your happy with that, then eat up. What I propose though is that we get our heads out of our asses and try something we haven;t tried yet, which you say is impossible. but if its possible to be an asshole it is equally as possible to not. It takes more effort to be an asshole than to not.

  8. Very well said Jason but here’s where you made your mistake right at the get-go:

    “….if we had authentic love, compassion, awareness and compassion with each other…”
    What you ask is impossible. Human beings are cheats, liars and killers some just more than others. Human beings can not help themselves and the shit will never change…..until Jesus shows up that is.

  9. He’s probably a lousy shot. I doubt he hit him five or six times, the guy is apparently still alive.

  10. Yeah, but 5 to 6 shots is a bit exaggerated for self defence. Especially a cop should know that.

  11. the only one dreaming is you. i am wide awake. great way to really add to any of my points. see your level of ability to connect to a conversation.

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  13. Get a carry license. An armed society is a polite society. Oh, and stay out of certain parts of town too.

  14. “…especially at the hands of authorities?”
    It could have something to do with the popular mantra among certain groups that goes something like this; “Die Pig Die”. If it were Poncho the pool guy I imagine the Left would call it justifiable then lobby for more gun control. The right would shrug and say, “Better him than me.”

  15. Seems pretty cut and dried to me. But it’s amazing how more and more people can’t respect boundaries. I mean, the guy COMES BACK like he’s got some sort of righteous grievance because he can’t have sex in the public pool.

  16. This society we live in just keeps getting more and more out of control. It’s getting apocalyptic out there. Anarchy.

  17. The creep was trespassing and doing the dirty in the cop’s pool. He was told to leave and did. He returned to say he was sorry that he and his skank girlfriend were copulating in the man’s apartment pool? No, he returned for payback. He got his payback didn’t he? End of story.

  18. I misunderstood,I thought your arguement was against the gun in and of itself.I absolutely agree his profession should not make a single bit of difference in this incident.what would be the outcome or opinion be minus the “off duty cop” part.I would just think it should be parallel.Im not against guns nor do i think certain (law enforcement) should be exempt

  19. Let’s assume for a moment the man who caught the boyfriend wasn’t a cop, would some of us still feel that the cop acted justifiably? Was his life in danger? Does receiving a potential knock to the head necessitate deadly force? If this was Poncho the pool boy wouldn’t we be asking questions why he was carrying a gun and why he used one after a confrontation?

    Why are all confrontations in America always so life or death to the point of imminent death, especially at the hands of authorities?

  20. As of yet ive heard no calls for disarming law enforcement.The day they do Im sure the arguement might be heard.The day that happens,NEVER.Its just a waste of effort in my mind,in this country to try to be absolute against guns.Certain areas,certain guns,certain regulations is the best its gonna get.

  21. and still we argue that we need more guns. if we had authentic love, compassion, awareness and compassion with each other we would learn a lot more but the people with guns are killing their teachers, they just don’t realize it yet. It is easy to silence a person with a weapon but it is harder to silence the countless people that wake up because of this type of destruction; after you take someone’s life away from them you can never bring it back; especially because you never had permission to take it in the first place. I don’t want to hear any more stories about how we need more weapons in this country. The earth is clearing all of us on this planet that don’t want to really be here and build a real life not this displaced, virtual world that has replaced the real thing.

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