Home Scandal and Gossip Here are pictures of 3 Brazilian decapitated prisoners.

Here are pictures of 3 Brazilian decapitated prisoners.


Brazilian decapitated prisoners

Horrendous images of three Brazilian decapitated prisoners have started making the rounds after the men came to be executed by a rival gang.

The mutilated bodies caught on video footage show the inmates slumped over each other, with two heads resting on the corpses and the floor rancid with overflowing blood.

The men’s bodies are strewn with a variety of wounds suggesting that they had endured torture prior to being killed.

Brazilian newspaper the Folha de Sao Paulo, which released the footage, described how ‘other prisoners posed with the bodies, showing them off like trophies.’

The deceased prisoners came to include Diego Michael Mendes Coelho, 21; Manoel Laercio Santos Ribeiro, 46; and Irismar Pereira, 34.

The video came to be handed to the outlet by a union of jail workers desperate to bring light to the abhorrent conditions which have long blighted the country’s prison population.

This latest display of brutality, recorded on December 17, took place at Pedrinhas jail in the north-eastern state of Maranhao where 62 inmates were killed in 2013 alone.

Local media tell the source of tensions lies in a long-running feud between rival factions from the state’s capital and elsewhere.

Just days after the beheadings, a judge visited the prison demanding the government seize back control of the prison population.

The Judge, Douglas Martins also highlighted the extreme violence meted out on women, in particular female visitors who were forced to have sex with leaders of the gangland prisoners.

But overcrowding – Pedrinhas has 2,196 inmates but was designed for only 1,770 – is also a major issue all over the country.

Reports tell that the federal government has since reached agreement to transfer the leaders of gangs to other prisons.

The dilemma of Brazil’s jail conditions comes before the country is set to host the World Cup later this summer.

Brazilian decapitated prisoners

Brazilian decapitated prisoners

Brazilian decapitated prisoners