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Emma Thompson drunk at the Golden Globes: I’m the supreme bixch here thanks.

Emma Thompson drunk at the Golden Globes
Emma will fight for your female rights anytime of the week.

Emma Thompson last night chose to remind us mere mortals that as a Hollywood icon she can get away with whatever her dear soul wanted and that we’d love her for it. And to be sure she was right.

Asked to take the stage and read the nominations for Best Screenplay, Emma Thompson did just that. Kind of. In essence she came up with her own impromptu screenplay which saw her waltz on barefoot in what looked like a drunk stupor (are we suppose to believe she was acting drunk or just plain drunk?) martini sloshing in one hand and uninhibited self in the other.

Realizing she didn’t have the envelope that would allow her to make the announcements, the drama Queen (literally) proceeded to toss her $1000 Christian Louboutins overboard (these are the perks of being an overpaid member of the Hollywood class) where she proceeded to give a little jig whilst wobbling the precious martini in the other hand. This was real girl power. This was Emma showing us how to get to business. This was Emma Thompson showing us she is above it all. This was Emma taking a stand over women having to dress like princesses and behave like one as well. Damn high heels and all them damn pretensions. This was the grande dame showing us how flash, panache and a grand stage can leave tv viewers gobsmacked. This was Emma explaining to hell with it.

What drink was she on? If only us mere mortals could afford it you may wonder…

above image via screen shot