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Kali Dobson, bride dies hours after wedding reception after groom loses control of sports car.

Kali Dobson
Kali Dobson at the night of her wedding reception

Kali Dobson, a newly wed bride has been killed just hours after her vows after her husband lost control of their car after leaving their wedding reception.

The accident came to happen this past Sunday night as Kali Dobson, 25 sat in the passenger seat as her husband, Ryan Quinton, 27, lost control of their Pontiac Firebird, ejecting her as they careened down an embankment. Investigators have since told Kali was not wearing a safety belt.

Quinton told authorities he had swerved to avoid hitting a dog before the Pontiac plunged down the embankment, landing on top of the ejected newly wed bride.

After crashing, Quinton got out of the car in his shredded tuxedo, stumbling along the road seeking help.

Told a driver Chris Thomas who came to the man’s assistance:

‘His shirt was all torn up and he was bleeding,’  

‘He had blood all over his face and blood coming out of his hands and stuff and just looked bad. And it scared me to death.’

From there Thomas comforted the sobbing groom as they waited for emergency responders. Thomas went on to tell that he held the Quinton’s hands and they prayed together.

Went on to tell Thomas: ‘There was nothing that could be done,’ 

‘The car was on top of her. You couldn’t even see her.’

“Blood was drawn to determine if alcohol was a contributing factor,” Young said Monday. “The crash is still under investigation. Charges are pending.”

Kali Dobson

Quinton was taken to hospital, where he continues to recover from his injuries.

Authorities took a blood sample and are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

After the tragedy, distraught friends and family visited the spot where Dobson had lost her life.

‘Some bridesmaids showed up and then things got really, really sad and hopeless for a minute,’ witness Chris Thomas told Fox5. ‘It was horrible all the way around. And tragic.

‘Me and my wife were discussing it, and I said, “I bet it was the most beautiful day of her life”.’

Friends and relatives expressed their heartbreak on Facebook pages and shared photos of the couples grinning and dancing at the reception just hours before the tragedy.

Nearby Wheeler House, which held the couple’s wedding and their reception, passed on their thoughts to the heartbroken families.

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dobson and Quinton families,’ the company wrote on its Facebook page. ‘May Kali and the love this beautiful couple shared never be forgotten.’

A single bouquet now sits where Ryan Quinton and Kali Dobson’s marriage ended just hours after it began.

Kali Dobson
Kali Dobson and Ryan Quinton