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Victoria’s Secret After party 2013. A who’s who of who wanted to be seen.

Victoria's Secret After party 2013
Elsa Hosk and friend. Photo courtesy of redhotsociety, Ricardo Garcia.

Victoria’s Secret: And these were the hawt bixches that turned up to the after party…

NYC. Last night brought the hoi poi of the glitterati world together as the usual jet pack suspects hight tailed it over to Tao’s downtown for Victoria’s Secret After party 2013.

Who was in attendance was social gadfly Ricardo Garcia of Redhotsociety who went on to tellMingling, partying and “trying to be seen” could be a fair description of the night.

A magical night?  Perhaps not.  A fun and uplifting evening filled with attractive people and great energy.  Definitely the “Zen” vibe of Tao Downtown is working.

And there were the show stoppers:  Magdalena Frackowiak really seemed to steal the spotlight downtown at Tao.  From her earlier Instagram’s backstage at the VS Show she wrote “Polish Power” surrounded by two other Polish VS models.  It appeared she did indeed have the power of the night as she danced away in the center of the room.  The cameras and men adored her while a few other gorgeous women ignored her.  Can win them all with beauty we suppose.

In tow were also supermodel (take your pick kids) Karlie KlossAlessandra AmbrosioCandice Swanepoel, Lily AldridgeDoutzen KroesLindsay EllingsonConstance JablonskiLily Donaldson, and more. Their looks boasted more cleavage, cut-outs, and gams than any one man could desire, which purportedly left some both miffed and vexed. Oh well…

To see more photos go to redhotsociety’s page

Victoria's Secret After party 2013
Karlie Kloss pre show via instagram.
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