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Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye cause he refused to have sex with her.


Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye

A Florida woman, La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28 is facing attempted murder charges after she went on to stab her boyfriend in the eye.

The stabbing tell authorities came after her boyfriend refused her advances at their Vero Beach home.

The man went on to tell that La Crystal King-Woolfork came home drunk on September 27th circa 4am and proceeded to demand to have sex. Upon refusing the woman in turn grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the eye.

The man was then able to disarm Kin-Woolfork and hide the knife between the mattress of his bed before fleeing for his life.

As he fled, he called another person for a ride to the hospital where he was treated.

The knife was described as a large filet knife. It went on to later be located at the scene.

Nevertheless, La Crystal King-Woolfork denied stabbing the victim, but did admit to hitting the man several times with a metal candle holder.

During questioning King-Woolfork went to tell upon entered the man’s bedroom, she and another female started to perform oral sex on each other while the he watched. It was when he resisted joining them that the girlfriend got agitated and struck him with the candle holder.

She also told that her female companion then picked up a knife because she knew her boyfriend would be angry.

According to King-Woolfork, during the struggle for the knife, her boyfriend banged her head several times

She also said she hit the victim on the top of the head with her cell phone and it broke on his head.

Along with the eye injury, the man suffered a four-inch laceration to his right shoulder and small cut to his head, according to authorities.

He was treated at Indian River Medical Center.

Cause it’s really a woman’s world to demand when she can have sex and to be rightfully pissed off when a man decides not to oblige her…

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Woman stabs boyfriend in the eye
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