Home Scandal and Gossip Miley Cyrus dresses as a slutty Michele Bachmann on SNL.

Miley Cyrus dresses as a slutty Michele Bachmann on SNL.


Miley Cyrus Michele Bachman

Miley Cyrus wears see through for SNL after party. Another disaster…

Miley Cyrus topless courtesy of Terry Richardson.

Miley Cyrus made our collective gizzards rupture after her slinky pony ass last night went on to play the part of the Republican’s Michele Bachmann on SNL.

Forever tweaking it and jamming it, Miley Cyrus went on to pull of what some have called a scandalous and shocking performance (who me??!!) that was bereft of tact.

Alongside SNL cast member, Taran Killam who played the devil, speaker John Boehner, the duo went on to scandalize the recent government shut down.

Skimping and tweaking to her new song, ‘We can’t stop,’ aka, ‘ We did stop the government,’ the pair go on to show as much as taut nipples and sleek buttocks as one has become accustomed to our hero Miley displaying.

Although many have gone on to dole out criticism at Miley’s performance for being beyond macabre and sleazy, her royal highness couldn’t help but smirk and twerk with the ever present knowledge that her pony ass has now rivaled political melt downs….