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Iris Van Herpen’s shoes are to die for.


Iris Van Herpin

Take a good look kids. It might make for a touch of discomfort, but then again, since when did that ever stop a woman when it came to shoes, but Iris Van Herpen‘s featured shoes in her fall collection 2013 in Paris are what dreams are made of.

Showcasing her impressive Japanese kimono styled reinue, the 29 year old is said to be a former intern of Alexander McQueen and a Lady Gaga favorite.

When it time came to her collection, she opined that she was focused on organisma and exoskeletons fused with Japanese culture.

The UK’s dailymail go on to note that Iris Van Herpen’s handy work has made her a rising star in the fashion world with Bjork and Daphne Guiness having gone on to wear her collections.

Before starting her own label in 2007, the designer studied at Artez Institute of the Arts Arnhem (notable alumni includes Victor & Rolf) and spent time learning under the late Alexander McQueen.

His conceptual influence can be seen in Ms Van Herpen’s overly constructed shoes and structured sheath dresses.

The dailymail goes on to note that Van Herpin’s keen desire to push the boundaries of fashion has led to her playing with the notion of the human body altered by surgery.

At one point, rubber chickens protruded from the shoulders of a feathered dress. Indeed…

Ms Van Herpen is applauded for her highly detailed craftsmanship and 3D printing. For each collection, she uses a unique treatment of material–or invents a new substance entirely. Not that one could have missed that just looking at the shoes the models got to gallivant in. Which begs the question how about you ladies?


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