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Video: Naked man shot dead in Berlin by cops.



A 31 year old Berlin man was shot dead by local authorities after it was claimed he resisted a police officer’s attempt to disarm him.

The shooting is said to have come about after passerbys noticed an unidentified man stripping of his clothes and stepping inside Neptune Fountain by Alexanderplatz where he then took out a large knife and proceeded to slice himself up.

When authorities finally arrived they demanded that the man put down the knife but calls to disarm him went on to be ignored as the man continued cutting himself by the throat and arms.

At this point a police officer entered the fountain and once again demanded the man put down his knife but once again refusing the police officer went on to claim that he had no alternative but to shoot him.

The incident has since led to criticism of authorities who some wonder used excessive force in attempting to contain the man. Police to date have gone on to strenuosly defend their actions claiming that the police officer’s life was in imminent danger.

Local Green politician Benedikt Lux has since gone on to assert that police failed to attempt non lethal methods of preventing the man from attacking or running away.

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