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Oh really? Chinese couple having sex by window fall to their deaths.


Chinese couple having sex by window

It seems one Chinese couple got the surprise of their lifetime after having chosen to have sex by a window when they inadvertently plunged to the deaths after hitting up against the shoddily made windows at the moment of climax.

Told an unindentified spying netizen who purportedly witnessed the incident, as the woman was in the throes of climax she arched her back and hit up against the window which broke and losing her balance sent her and her male lover out the window and to their deaths.

The incident is said to have occurred in the city of Wuhan which that day was experiencing particularly warm humid weather necessitating the couple to seek comfort by the window.

Interestingly the article goes on to tell that the source and authenticity of this incident has yet to have been verified.

Further research on the web has led to some commentators noting the actual “REAL” incident looks like it’s from 2007 in which a young naked couple fell to their death from an 18th story window in the Fengtai district of Beijing, a correction as reported by sznews.com.

Because Chinese media knows how to report the type of stories that will keep you on your feet…

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