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Michael Jerome Bradley busted trying to have sex with an eleven year old girl.


Michael Jerome Bradley

Michael Jerome Bradley, a 23 year old St Petersburg, Florida man has been charged with criminal misdemeanor after sending explicit images of himself to a minor after his ass sent in images of his naked self to the girl’s mother (thinking it was the eleven year old girl he was sending images to) after she had sent him a picture of a girl in a bra from a Target catalogue after been antagonized by the man.

The incident came to a head after an eleven year old girl went and created a facebook profile which one late evening led to the girl receiving a phone call from Michael Jerome Bradley who by now was a friend of the eleven year old on Facebook.

Irate, the girl’s mother went on to tell Bradley if he knew that her daughter was only eleven years old.

Told the mother: “If you keep calling my daughter, if you keep texting my daughter, I’m going to call the police and have you arrested.”

Nevertheless Bradley’s phone calls persisted but told the mother when she approached the police there was nothing much they could do as no actual crime had been committed.

That’s when the mother then took matters into her own hands. Pretending to be her daughter the mother proceeded to play dumb in text messages, saying she was turning 12.

When she was pressed to send provocative photographs of herself, she went to the Sunday newspaper, cut out a Target advertisement featuring a young girl in a bra, lopped off the head and sent along the rest of the picture. It wasn’t soon after that Bradley then volleying in return a total of 8 explicit images of himself.

It wasn’t too long before Bradley was arrested and charged with eight counts of displaying obscene images to a minor and eight counts of unlawful use of a two-way communication device.

Told the girl’s mother: “I want other parents to be aware. If you got young girls and they’re on Facebook, you better pay attention because if you don’t, it leads to more and more.”

Yet local authorities were somewhat taciturn when it came time to applauding the girl’s mother for bringing to attention the behavior of Bradley.

Told St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz: “Obviously we commend her for her diligence in monitoring her daughter’s online activity, which is what was preach. We would caution one needs to proceed carefully when attempting to go to the next level and continue communications with the effort to try and develop a case.

Usually this is something best left to law enforcement.”

Bradley has since gone on to admit to sending the pictures but said he had only done so to scare off the girl’s sexual advances.

Responded the mother: “If I hadn’t caught it, who knows where my child would have ended up.”

Bradley is currently being held on a $120 000 bail.