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Here’s a picture of a Wendy’s employee eating ice cream straight out of the dispenser.

Wendy’s- shouldn’t you order a big dollop of your favorite ice cream today too?

Here is a photo of a Taco Bell employee licking taco shells.

Sure looks delicious, but is it sanitary?

An image of a Wendy‘s employee eating ice cream directly from the frosting machine has caused the internet to go in a tizzy as detractors have gone on to lambast the outlet for unsanitary practices and poor employee conduct.

The photo is just the latest in a series of not so yummy images to go viral showing fast food employees behaving in a way that their employers wouldn’t approve off.

To date Wendy’s spokesperson, Bob Bertini, has gone on to tell after the above image appeared on social media platform reddit that the ‘culprit’once found will be immediately fired.

Not that necessarily will calm many Wendy’s fans as they too are forced to consider how their food is handled and delivered to them. Yes cause ignorance is a kind of bliss.

Wrote one reddit user that brought out a rueful smile from this scoundrel:

I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure the press won’t get a hold of this, Wendy’s won’t issue a statement in under 48 hours, and no one will get fired.

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  • Wendy’s

    Totally inexcusable. This involved one restaurant and the employee is no longer there. We’re reinforcing proper procedures.