Home Pop Culture Steubenville investigators believe second rape occurred. 14 year old girl identified.

Steubenville investigators believe second rape occurred. 14 year old girl identified.

Steubenville rape
Steubenville rape
Steubenville rape
Steubenville rape

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Steubenville High school leaked video now leads to demands for Michael Nodianos’ expulsion.

Steubenville High school students joke about rape in video leaked by Anonymous.

Tension is mounting in Steubenville, Ohio as assertions of a second earlier rape are making rounds and shocking the tight knit community who are now increasingly flabbergasted that their town has once again become what many believe to be an unfair center of constant media browdowns.

Told one source to this author: ‘Don’t you think if anyone saw a rape occurring that they would have stopped it? I’m tired of the way some bloggers and Anonymous have begun to present us,’

The source a long time alumni of the town and who is aware that some in the town wonder out aloud if the sixteen year old minor who was purportedly raped back in August may have encouraged some of the behavior with muted overtures.

Continues the source: ‘Did any of these bloggers stop to wonder how true their allegations are? To even stand up and complain or let alone question their claims invites the further wrath of bloggers and Anonymous. Next thing you know you’ll find yourself being hacked for no good reason, just because you spoke out.’

For the sake of self preservation I have declined to name which bloggers and outlets the source referenced.

Offers another unidentified woman who took it upon herself to investigate claims that there was a second rape victim in the town of Steubenville whose rape went unreported:

“ I took it upon myself and I said I going to find this girl. The girl was fourteen.  And I found her through Facebook.” 

Interestingly local authorities were only made aware of the purported second rape just after Labor day last year. Reasons as to why this purported rape were not investigated have also met with silence from authorities.

Offered Attorney General Mike DeWine of the second rape via 10tv: “I can’t say it’s related. It’s the same geographical area.  But I can’t talk about who’s involved or who’s not involved.”

And then there was this disparaging note from a Steubenville football player after the town’s travails made it on the Dr Phil show:

“I had a couple people tweet me saying that we, all together as a football team, need to kill ourselves.  And there’s another threat which is saying that all of the football players need to be lined up and shot.”

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