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90 year old Saudi man seeks divorce from his (second)15 year old bride. Marriage annulled.

Child bride.
Child bride.
Child bride.
Child bride.

International Day of the Girl Child designated. But child brides as young as five still flourish.

The secret world of the child bride.

How to get your pants into young fresh meat whilst trying to do a quick number on the loaded perv of your choice. Lessons in exploitation and one’s tainted conscience….

Here’s an interesting story that ought to remind you how awful the world really is sometimes and what some of us are prepared to do to stay in it at any price.

According to gulf news, a 90 year old Saudi Arabian man proposed to a 15 year old girl (I know who can resist them young and nimble?) by offering the girl’s parents 45 000 riyal dowry ($12 000) which led to the girl’s father readily accepting the ‘trade.’

Unfortunately things got a little hairy on the ‘couple’s’ wedding night when the girl mysteriously locked herself in a room and refused to let her husband in and consummate the marriage. In fact the girl spent the night crying in the room whilst her new husband pleaded with her to reason with him. Yes I know the existential despair is too profound and absurd….

When the girl’s parents were summoned they found their daughter sitting in her torn wedding dress (a metaphor undoubtedly) sobbing.

Concerned, the family decided to bring back their daughter home leaving the 90 year old man who had recently dumped his 80 something year old wife (for fresh younger meat) in some degree of disarray. This in turn led to the man seeking a refund on his dowry.

Of course that’s when new problems began to set in when the family then disclosed that it had already spent the money (are you surprised?) forcing the groom to then take the girl’s family to court.

After much back and throe the court finally decided to annul the marriage and rule that the family had to give the dowry back.

“I did not want the dowry money back, and I still want my wife to come home,” the man said. “I am going to take the case to a court this week to rule on the conspiracy by the family to take my money. My wife’s family have now taken her out to Riyadh so that I cannot reach her.”

What makes this case even more interesting, never mind all the manipulation and coercion by both parties is the fact that the 90 year old man also had attempted to marry a 15 year old girl some 18 months ago. Apparently she stayed with him for 15 months before ‘mysteriously’ hightailing it and seeking help from a village dignitary.

Isciencetimes goes on to note how these cases have particularly struck a nerve for human rights activists. Dr. Suhaila Zein al-Abedin, from the Saudi National Association for Human Rights was one of many who spoke out against the case.

“When you consider the very large difference in age, it looks more like this was not a marriage, but like the girl was sold,” Abedin said. “The girl’s parents need to be held responsible for this.”

Meanwhile, Egyptian activist Mona Eltahawy tweeted, “It’s only when there’s enough public outrage that we can fight #childmarriage. We are not angry enough to help that 15 y/o & others like her.”

Another activist, NoonArabia, joined the others in their outrage.

#ChildMarriage is a violation of human rights,” she tweeted.

At present there is currently no minimum age for marriage in Saudi Arabia, although legislation is being considered that would forbid marriage for people under the age of 18.

Isn’t it time you sold your daughter to a child molester, assuming you don’t mind the prospect of your child being molested now that you can finally go out and finally buy yourself some food to eat.

So much for laws, customs and attitudes that allow the consistent commoditization of women and children…