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Pierce Morgan slams gun proponent guest. Calls him stupid liar!

Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt.
Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt.
Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt.
Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt.

It’s confirmed. Piers Morgan will not be deported says the White House.

Should Piers Morgan be worried that a petition to deport him has come in front of the White House?

Fireworks were in high order last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan show as the imported English talk show went bat to bat with Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America.

Pratt despite the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has repeatedly advocated the view that gun laws ought to be relaxed and that teachers ought to be allowed to carry concealed weapons in the classroom. A point of view that this media outlet has repeatedly rejected and has been heavily castigated for by other commentators.

Nevertheless Pratt wasn’t budging on his views and opined the following:

“The fact of the matter is with guns, comes safety if the guns are in the hands of the good guys, and when you say the good guys can’t have guns, the bad guys have a monopoly and horrible things such as the shootings at the schools take place,”

This then elicited Morgan asking Pratt for his thoughts on President Obama‘s desire to craft tighter gun laws in the US in light of the recent tragedy.

Pratt responded: “I think we need to ban gun control laws that keep people from being able to protect themselves. The problem is not going to go away if we ban this or that gun. We’ve tried that, that doesn’t work. It doesn’t even work in England. You have mass murders there…all over Europe there have been mass murders…”

Then the priceless look of disbelief and annoyance (see how much fun being a tv host can be after all?) crossed Morgan’s face who couldn’t help but offer the following: “You are talking complete and utter nonsense.”

As Pratt continued talking, Morgan spoke over him, saying: “What you just said Mr. Pratt was an absolute lie. The gun murder rate in countries like Britain, or Germany, or Australia…they’ve all suffered massacres many years ago, of a similar nature…there are 35 people killed a year…your country is 12,000.”

Pratt responded: “Your murder rate is lower than ours, that is true…”

Morgan — again raising his voice — barked: “Lower! It’s 35 against 12,000!”

With both men talking over each other (the hall mark of a stellar talk show), our defender of common sense Piers Morgan once again laid into Pratt: “In Australia, they had a massacre… and they got rid of these assault weapons.”

Pratt then responded: “America is not the wild west that you are depicting. We only have the problem in our cities and unhappily in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves. I honestly don’t understand why you would rather have people be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. It’s incomprehensible.”

At that point, Morgan, clearly at his wits end (and obviously having the time of his life), said: “You’re an unbelievably stupid man aren’t you?”

In response, Pratt called Morgan “morally obtuse,”  adding “you seem to prefer being a victim than being able to prevail over the criminal element, and I don’t know why you want to be the criminal’s friend.”

Morgan responded in kind by offering: “What a ridiculous argument. You have absolutely no coherent argument whatsoever. You don’t give a damn do you about the gun murder rate in America? You don’t actually care.’

After the show, Morgan took to Twitter, writing: “Still seething after tonight’s show. Just can’t understand the mentality of those who insist the only answer to #Newtown is MORE guns.”

Indeed such are the calamitous affairs of talk show hosts and their guests who refuse to budge on irrefutable facts that yes the proliferation of guns do lead do violence, not that really mattered to the bank coffers of those who actually make guns.



  1. How sad, if you get angry about what this man has to say that is too bad. The one thing I love about my country is that everyone has a right to say what they believe. Yes, even if they aren’t a U.S citizen. We really want to control what people say because we don’t agree with them? Really?

  2. Pierce Morgan wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an AR-15, or a sling shot. Go back to your own country. Only CNN would let him on their network. If deported I hope CNN goes with him, they would be more comfortable in the European setting.

  3. P.M. the ignorant bafoon should go back to hacking cell phones in Britain and stop trying to make a name for himself here. He interupts people when he can’t get the answers he wants. IGNORANT !!!

  4. Pierce Morgan clearly lost the debate when he started calling his guests names. No laws can keep a person from performing atrocities. You would have to ban bats, bricks, bow and arrows, automobiles, etc. All this talk about banning assault rifles is ridiculous, two hand guns would have killed just as many innocent victims. My point is, hand guns will never be banned (2nd amendment) so why all this rhetoric about assault rifles.

  5. Pierce Morgan is such a major d bag! He really thinks he speaks for the majority of Americans! I do not watch his show or CNN in general but heard this interview on the best show on talk radio Tim Conway Jr. I can’t believe how insulting and rude he is to his guest. I guess he doesn’t realize what the word guest means. Calling someone names like stupid is not the way to win an argument. The very idea of news has gone down the tubes in the last 10 years.

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