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Welcome to Extreme Cheapskates. Toilet paper? No I just use my hand…

'Toilet paper? Why bother, soap and water and my hand are fine too...'
‘Toilet paper? Why bother, soap and water and my hand are fine too…’

Video: Extreme Cheapskates has premiered and that shit is damn scary…

Saving money for most of us to make our expenses is a universally understood grind, but then again there are some of you out there that may be taking it to extremes, either out of necessity or simply to prove a point…or is there something else going on?

Exploring who among you are savvy on the cheap, network  TLC set to unveil its latest new season, Extreme Cheapskates on October 16 and if the first episode is anything to go by there are a lot of you out there who have plainly excelled yourselves, but not necessarily in the way that would make most want to take notes and follow suit….unless of course you are inclined.

dailymail.co.uk: A woman who saves money by not using toilet roll, takes thriftiness to a whole different level in an upcoming series of Extreme Cheapskates.

Setting herself a stringent budget, Kay, from New York, reveals how she uses a combination of soap and water to rinse herself off after visiting the bathroom.

While demonstrating her frugal cleansing ritual in front of the cameras, she states that she doesn’t believe in buying ‘something that you’re just going to throw away’.

But isn’t that the point of using toilet paper in the first place, that you’re going to throw it away after you’ve used it. But then again each to his own…

So if cleaning up after oneself has taken what most would reckon to be an extreme turn what about when it comes to doing laundry? Take note kids…

Kay also informs viewers that she hasn’t done laundry for the past three years and instead washes her clothes by hand while she takes a shower.

She then hangs items up in the bathroom and lets them dry naturally. She claims that the hand-washing technique saves her a total of $6 a month.

Well who can’t resist saving $6? Then again I’m beginning to suspect that Kay isn’t really doing all of this cause of the money she’s saving but simply in the knowledge that she’s found one heck of a way to prove to herself that she’s resourceful. Or perhaps as this author suspects as a clever way to prove to herself that she’s got one over us ordinary detergent using types.

The show goes on to introduce other thrifty individuals such as Jeff who reckons he has saved over $50 000 by never paying for public transportation or taxis instead getting by with his bicycle. Something that this author can personally attest to over the years with the added benefit of making oneself quite fit as well.

Then there’s the dubious Greg who only flushes his toilet only once a week (are we to really believe that?) and who refuses to buy silverware insisting instead in using free plastic cutlery he grabs from various outlets around town despite the fact he makes good money as a lab rat (which in and of itself requires a certain mindset to tolerate).

Greg would be better off just investing in an energy efficient toilet from websites like homeclick. Brands like Kohler and TOTO make enough options that even this cheapskate can afford to save water in a more civilized way.

Then there’s the mother who likes to save money on groceries by checking out what she likes to call roadkill, which I think is fairly explanatory in and of itself. Anyone for moose soup tonight? Or is it pigeon soup?

Thrifty, clever, wise or perhaps possessing a distorted point of view of self affirmation and self control? But then again who am I chiding, I also use like to use the free cutlery from the deli down the road too…


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