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Video: Extreme Cheapskates has premiered and that shit is damn scary…

Why go grocery shopping when you can eat from out of the local dumpster? Image via TLC.
Why go grocery shopping when you can eat from out of the local dumpster? Image via TLC.

Welcome to Extreme Cheapskates. Toilet paper? No I just use my hand…

Do you use toilet paper? Of course you do, but just in case you use the time honored process of cleaning up after yourself with a helping device doesn’t mean everyone does. Point in case is one of the featured stars on the newly premiered series of TLC‘s ‘Extreme Cheapskates.’ See videos below.

But for the uninitiated there are also other tricks when it comes to saving money, assuming skimping on the bare necessities gives you a rush or you’re simply just resolute on being ever inventive.

Here’s crushable‘s hilarious account of the mayhem:

TLC smartly devoted the entire first episode to Kate Hashimoto, a CPA living in New York City. Despite making bank at her job and owning a condo, Kate decorates her place with furniture found on the street, dumpster dives for food, and hasn’t bought new underwear since 1999. And she’s proud of all this! 

Of course if you think Kate is a handful wait until you meet Terence Candell, who in my opinion is the ultimate catch.

Similarly, it’s chilling to watch Terence Candell force this cheapskate lifestyle not only on himself but on his whole family. At first it’s small things, like his wife Dyra complaining that she finds it difficult to entertain without furniture. Terence just laughs. This is a recurring theme; someone tries to fight back against his frugal ways, and he laughs it off like it doesn’t matter one bit.

The most horrifying part of Terence’s episode was when he revealed just how much money he’s hiding from his wife and children. ”I have 16 accounts,” he tells the cameras, “but the minute my family finds out where they are, they’re gonna be asking me for money.” One account alone has $113,978, and others have at least $21,000. It’s appalling how selfish he is, giving his wife and kids an allowance even though his wife brings in a paycheck as well.

Oh well, at least no one can say no one loves Terrence for all the money he has stashed away (or do they).

Reflects crushable: The weirdest part of this is how unnecessary this all is. None of the three subjects needs to be this thrifty; it’s not as if they’re trying to stretch a dollar because that’s all they make, like so many of our nation’s economically disadvantaged people. Being an extreme cheapskate is more like a hobby for them, which almost makes it more insulting.

Personally I’m not sure these and other individuals can help being this cheap, I suspect it’s something to be proud of, something that they can at least control in their lives and something that gives them a sense of power and control. But then again one has to wonder if going to extremes to save a pretty penny has its advantages what are these and similarly like minded individual’s really saving for? A bigger house that they wouldn’t ever dream of owning cause a canvas tent in the woods is a cheaper and more sustainable option…?