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Meet the human Ken Doll, has had 90 plastic surgeries to look perfect. But is he?

Justin Jedlica
Justin Jedlica

For all intensive purposes, 32 year old Justin Jedlica‘s body is made of plastic, not because he was somehow born that way but because he has willed it in his attempt to have the perfect body.

Openly admitting he wants a body just like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, Justin unlike most normal (define normal) individuals in the pursuit of exceptional aesthetics hasn’t been hitting the gym, necessarily subscribe to a super diet but rather chose to take to the knife in his attempt to achieve what he perceives to be the perfect body. Then again what Mr Jedlica perceives to be the perfect body may for many to be abhorrent, over the top and very unnecessary, then again everyone has their interpretation of what makes for perfect, assuming being perfect is something that some of you hold to high esteem. Or is that just something some of us have come to believe society demands of its members in order to reap the rewards waiting for what one is often led to believe is there for the perfect individual?

To date Mr Jedlica has undergone a total of 90 different plastic surgeries over the course of ten years (are there any more being planned one wonders?) at a cost of $100 000. That includes silicone implants in his buttocks, belly, biceps, triceps and whatever else one could imagine.

Offers Mr Jedlica:

“I love to metamorphosize myself, and the stranger the surgery the better,” he told ABC News. “Bucking the norm is so much fun.”

That said Mr Jedlica is aware that he is taking some real risks with his demand for the perfect body as he has been advised by doctors that by using the degree of silicone that he has that he is to some degree putting his life a risk, something that Mr Jedlica reckons is a small price to pay for the perfect body, that said Mr Jedlica maintains that he aims to continue with the operations.

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  1. common malapropism is “for all intense and purposes” (also, “for all intensive purposes”) a result of the original phrase being misheard and repeated. The word “intense” is used here incorrectly;

    Yep! I had to do it too!

  2. No, Ken did not look like an Asian whose face had been burned with acid.. and HOLY HELL to the chick with the 22lb chesticles! Wowzer those babies could single handily feed all of the Jolie-Pitt child army for a life time!

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