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Kelly Clarkson opts for a more fuller figure but fans are not happy. Yo-yoing weight…

Kelly Clarkson looking a bit more fuller lately?
Kelly Clarkson looking a bit more fuller lately?

How a celebrity or a pop idol chooses to publicly dress or appear says volumes about how they feel about themselves and by the same token fans have always volumes to say about how their idol in turn reflects their aspirations. Not that Lady Gaga hasn’t received flack for sporting a larger curvier figure these days either…

That said aware fans have been dubious of her yo-yoing weight, the American Idolstar, Kelly Clarkson had this to say in a radio interview of June this year when she was looking somewhat more svelte than she currently is now:

‘For seven years it’s been happening. It’s like, ‘OK cool, the fat jokes.’

‘I love my body. I’m very much OK with it. I don’t think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight, it is other people.’

Which probably hints at all the flack that the singer has received on and off all these years since entering the public eye, which raises the question why are entertainers under the constant glare of how they look and more often how well they perform?

Then again perhaps the following comment from a reader over at dailymail.co.uk might help answer that question or at least raise a more legitimate discussion as to what role celebrities and entertainers should serve….?

She’s a singer, not a model. Same goes to Christina Aguilera. You can see she’s struggling with her weight, that’s a sign she isn’t a naturally thin girl, she’s naturally curvy. I think the media has to leave them alone already.

Kelly Clarkson has opted lately to go for a more earthy look as opposed to the glamorous look over the summer.
Taken time off from rigid training? But should that even matter as Kelly Clarkson can still belt out fantastic songs.


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