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Johnny Lewis source says bad drug experience at fault. Did the drugs do it or was it all psychological?

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis.
Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis.

Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis dead after killing his landlady and dismembering her cat too.

An unidentified source has now come out to assert that Johnny Lewis’ life was forever changed earlier this year after a negative experience with drugs permanently unhinged him.

tmzWe’re told the “Sons of Anarchy” star was “mentally healthy” —  until an episode early this year, when he dabbled with an undisclosed drug.  Our sources say the incident triggered a “psychotic break” and he never recovered from it.

Family sources tell us … after the episode Johnny changed dramatically — he became mentally unstable and began to “self-medicate” to deal with the problem.

Of course what’s worth noting is what problem are we really talking about? The problem of drug use or the psychological break from oneself and reality that led to the seeking of drug use as a way of coping with oneself.

The family says doctors told them Johnny’s condition was classified as “co-occurring disorders.”  Translation — by abusing drugs to treat the mental condition, Johnny was simultaneously troubled on 2 fronts.

As for the nature of the mental disorder — family sources say they were never able to get Johnny stable enough to get a clear diagnosis.

Despite the actor’s penchant for drug use insiders close to the actor believe that drugs may have not necessarily fueled the actor’s rampage this Wednesday which saw him killing his landlady, her cat and himself.

Says a source: ‘…doctors administered Johnny medicine to stabilize his condition after he recently got out of jail and that he may have stopped taking the meds which led to him becoming extremely unstable and violent.’

Then there’s this via foxProbation officials openly worried about actor Johnny Lewis’ mental health and his danger to others in recent months, and this week their worst fears came true.

Continues the report: The deaths came four months after a probation officer expressed grave concerns about Lewis’ mental health, writing that he was “very concerned for the well-being of not only the community but that of the defendant.”

Court records detail Lewis’ descent from January 2012, when he attacked two men and hit them in the head with a bottle, through August, when he acted as his own attorney and pleaded no contest to felony assault.

In fact by now it was apparent to even Johnny Lewis’ own parents that something was very wrong but unfortunately even they could in the end do little to reign their son in.

Reflected Lewis’ attorney Jonathan Mandel at one point : “I give a lot of credit to his parents. They were really strong in trying to help him out. They really went to bat for him, but I guess they just couldn’t do enough.”

Who can be sure if the actor’s sudden turn for the worse was brought on by a negative drug experience earlier this year or whether in fact the implosion of self which led to him using drugs that only perhaps fueled a virulent demeanor and attitude towards life, himself and others around him. That said one has to wonder why the actor chose to take his landlady Catherine Chabot David‘s life in particularly, after all 81 year old women are rarely the enablers of life long resentment and sudden violent outbursts and interestingly why he savagely ripped her cat apart as if perhaps on some level he was ripping apart himself….

At present officials are awaiting the result of a toxicology report in the weeks ahead before determining whether the actor was on the influence or not.

The driveway where the actor's body was found after falling off a roof.




  1. Another failure in the system? The probation officials suspected a problem? Do they not still have 5150 in California? Sadness all around in this one. Hopefully someone digs deeper into why the officials didnt act on their suspicions and why an innocent person had to die.

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