Home Scandal and Gossip Camille Grammer shows off her boy toy friend whilst vacationing in Greece…

Camille Grammer shows off her boy toy friend whilst vacationing in Greece…

Dimitri and Kelsey Grammar. Via twitter.
Dimitri Charalambopoulos and Kelsey Grammar. Via twitter.

After being done dirty by her ex-husband Kelsey Grammar, looks like the 43-Year-old housewife of Beverly Hills has her cougar pants on and ready to go.

Camille Grammar was seen parading around town, on red carpets, and in the Islands of Greece with 34 year old bankruptcy attorney Dimitri Charalambopoulos. If that doesn’t twist your tongue and boggle your mind enough, can you say marriage?

Its been rumored that Camille sees a wedding in the future stating that “…she could easily see herself married to Dimitri” while friends report that “Camille is the happiest she has been in years and she says Dimitri is one of the reasons why”

Camille experienced one of the worst years of her life when her husband of 13 years began an affair with a much younger flight attendant in New York City while she filmed the second season of Housewives of Beverly, and while there may of been some underlying issues in their marriage that caused the betrayal and split one must ask…are our husbands ever safe once we reach a certain age ?

It seems like no matter how many children we give them or how many years we dedicate to them, women over 30 are constantly being traded in for a younger slab of meat? Always having to look over your shoulder and catch his wandering eye it has become a growing issue as society and media tell us that we are no longer attractive or worthy once we hit the big 30. It seems like being a cougar is the only way to hold on to a man now a days and we’re glad Camille has joined the club. Hey if men can do it so can we.

Camille took in all the sights and smells of the bustling marketplace as she perused the aisles

“He’s very sweet, very caring. And we will see what happens.’

‘Camille never thought she would find love again after her marriage ended to Kelsey because she truly believed that she was going to be married to him for the rest of her life.’

‘Camille has been telling her friends that she could easily see herself married to Dimitri.

‘Does this mean that he is close to proposing, not yet. However, it’s  definitely going in that direction.’

Expect to see Camille and Dimitri’s relationship be featured on the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hill’s  upcoming third season. But really was there ever any doubt…?

Camille Grammer’s bikini pictures don’t sit too well with ex husband Kelsey.

Kelsey Grammar refuses to mention ex wife name to Oprah Winfrey. Just a fame whore…

Camille Grammer wants to show you how to tongue pash in a crowded club.