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Camille Grammer’s bikini pictures don’t sit too well with ex husband Kelsey.

Camille Grammar insists she is a preferred hawt bixch too...
Camille Grammar insists she is a preferred hawt bixch too...

It seems Kelsey Grammar might still have a thing for ex wife Camille Grammar after the bixch stormed off during a Piers Morgan interview after being shown pictures of her looking quite the hawt bixch in her bikini.

The pics snapped recently of the 44 year old star of ‘Real Nuisances Houseviwes of Beverly Hills’ show Camille admittedly looking rather trim and taut but then again this is how Camille makes her money and of course exacts revenge on those who scorn her…

Reflect’s the UK’s DailymailThe swimwear emphasised the reality star’s cosmetically enhanced chest while putting her super-taut stomach on display. 

Camille was preened to perfection for the day at the beach with freshly blow-dried hair and a full face of make-up.

Freshly blowed dried hair? Who doesn’t freshly blow dry their hair on the way to the ocean where the wind often runs amok, as it is wonton to do so. And of course there’s nothing like the au natural look of applying a flotilla of the good shit on one’s face just before they are set to jump in the surf. But then that might risk looking pretty, so better to blow dry one’s hair by the surf lodge.

And whilst Camille was performing the lost days of her youth on the beach, Kelsey was performing his own strange antics too:

While Camile was demanding attention one person who will not be interested in her antics is her ex-husband Kelsey.

After seeing a photograph of his ex-wife the Frasier star stormed out of the CNN building leaving host Piers Morgan shocked, and more importantly without a guest to interview for his show. 

Piers told fans about Kelsey’s runner tweeting: ‘Kelsey Grammer was supposed to be on my show now but ran out of the building. Strange.’

‘Kelsey saw a photo of his ex wife Camille in the open to our show and legged it. Extraordinary. Never had this happen before.’

What though might be unsettling Kelsey’s nerves is that Camille who cleverly never got round to signing up a prenuptial agreement with the three time divorced Kelsey (hmm, that bixch keeps busy doesn’t he?) now stands to give a sizable chunk of his fortune to Camille. At present after 13 years of marriage and no sex in a decade (according to Kelsey) Camille is set to make out with $30 million bucks. That ought to help her have a sufficient supply of make up on hand next time she hits the beach….

But as an aside these 2 comments by readers on the web caught my attention too…


Piers Morgan can act all innocent but the man is remarried. Why show a photo of his ex-wife at all? Hmm?? It would seem in Pier’s “interview style”, he wanted to be outrageous and get a reaction and he wasn’t disappointed. Of the two, I think Kelsey Grammer was the better man. He chose to leave rather than be a tool for the bigger tool, Piers Morgan, who is still trying to capitalize on his little “stunt”. The things you do when you don’t have any talent but still need to make money, eh, Piers?


I think the only reason people keep asking Kelsey about his ex-wife is because of the way in which he threw her away. Then he got on national TV and stated that the marriage was a shame and he did her a favor by letting her have a reality show. This bothered people because who stays in a loveless marriage for 13 years?!!! I know, I know it’s possible he was in a cocaine fueled coma for 13 years, but he’s in Hollywood and marriages can be dissolved like toilet paper in the loo, quick! So why wait 13 years to get rid of her! It’s called an upgrade, he was looking for a new model and it took that long for some young dumb shiny new model to come along.

Kelsey Grammar refuses to mention ex wife name to Oprah Winfrey. Just a fame whore…

Camille Grammer wants to show you how to tongue pash in a crowded club.



  1. Kelsey Grammar is a good guy period. Domestic problems make the worst kind of hate.
    As Shakespear said..”Revenge is a dish best served cold.” Maybe..things will even out.

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